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Monday, July 9, 2012

Great American RIB Company - Sukhumvit 36, Bangkok

Great American RIB Company - Sukhumvit 36 (American Restaurant)

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

Great American Rib Comapany on BumRes.com

The Great American RIB Company has several locations in Thailand; Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok.  I am reviewing the one at Sukhumvit 36, Bangkok.  After hearing many positive comments about this place, being finger licking good and not too pricey, I had to try it myself.  The occasion was New Year Celebration with my family.  

The Great American Rib Company is resided within a residential home of an American owner.  Conversion to restaurant offered a laid back atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating.  We didn’t make any reservation, so we got a table outside.  American food is their specialization but they also offer a few popular Mexican dishes.  Average price is very reasonable; compared to Tony Roma’s, this place is about 20-30 % cheaper.  Appetizers cost around 150 – 250 baht and Main dishes are 300 – 800 baht approximately.  For more details of the food, please visit our tab menu page. 

For my parents and I, we ordered five dishes.  First one was the Buffalo wings.  My dad asked me why American people call chicken wings Buffalo wings.  I once read a history behind the name; the menu is originated from the town in New York, Buffalo.  That was it.  For Thai people, its taste was too vinegary.  For me, I started to like it after a couple of wings.  My parents couldn’t manage to enjoy them.  Second choice was the Lone Star Texas Chili (155 baht).  Just like any typical chili you know – made with ground beef and refried beans, served with Nachos.  I was loving it. 

Third dish was the American Macaroni & Cheese (175 baht).  I have never had this childhood’s favorite in a while; since I went to the U.S. about ten years ago.  Great American Rib Company did such a simple menu so well.  Macaroni was larger with perfect texture.  With the mixture of Cheddar and Parmesan, this menu was bringing back childhood memories.  Actually it was better than how I remembered it, lol…  Forth dish was the Steak Fajitas (395 baht), served in sizzling hot pan and meant to enjoy with the warm and soft Tortas (Mexican bread).  Again, it really hit the spot – whether it was American or Mexican, I loved the flavorful sauce of it regardless.  

Fifth dish was the Highlight of the night – The Great American BBQ Ribs/ Full rack for 595 baht.  The trick was 6-8 hours of marinating and using Hickory charcoals for grilling to add a nice wood aroma.  The excessive glazing of BBQ sauce made the tender ribs officially a To-Die-For menu.  I am drooling as I write about it at the moment.  Comparing to Tony Roma’s, I could say that this one is as good, if not better.  There were a total of 12 ribs; the photo may appear deceiving but the size was in fact no joke.  And this was just the pork ribs.  They also have the beef ribs, which would be enormous (told by the server) 

We ended our American + Mexican meal with the Apple Cobbler (125 baht).  Served with Chocolate ice-cream and whip cream topping, its appearance was really attractive.  For some reason, I didn’t enjoy it as I thought I would be.  Flavoring of the apple was too plain.  

The bill totaled to 1,913 baht with the vat and service charge included.  My family’s New Year dinner was a feast.  We were so stuffed and satisfied with the food.  I highly recommend the Great American Rib Company to all American food lovers.  In the comfortable setting of the restaurant, fair customer service was not much of a factor to reduce my appetite for the delicious hearty American food.  

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