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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shori Sushi Japanese Sushi - Asoke, Bangkok

Shori Sushi - Japanese Sushi Restaurant at Asoke, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

Shori Sushi - Premium Sushi House on BumRes.com

The Shori Sushi is known as a new budgeted choice for Sushi in Bangkok today.  It is one of the sushi shop of generation 2011-2012 that I know (other than Sushi Masa, Sakana, and Tororo Sushi).  I am not sure if the Shori Sushi is the same as the ones that were started by former chefs of Miyatake.  From seeing the menu, I am afraid it is as so (I forgot to ask the workers there).  Shori Sushi is located in the condominium opposite to the Jaksu-Rattanin Hospital.  I can’t remember the name of the condo (, or is it an office?)  The restaurant is on the G floor at the front of the building.  Parking is readily available in the back.  If you were taking the MRT, you can get off on the Asoke station (or Petchaburi?) I’m not so sure.  I believe it is only a short walk from the nearest MRT station. 

The menu of Shori Sushi @ Asoke is very similar to the other three restaurants I mentioned earlier.  They mainly serve the Sushi and Sashimi.  You can go for the single bites as well as the sets.  They also have the Yum or Spicy salad style, Tataki.  If you want to have the Sashimi rice bowl, the Chirashi Sushi is also available for you.  Regarding what they can prepare for you, they only have the cold kitchen to work in.  By seeing the selections in the menu, I can guess that the Shori Sushi has the same seafood supplier as the other Sushi shops.  Therefore, it all comes down to the skills of each chef to prepare it the best they can to your table.  Details are in the tab menu for you to browse freely.   

I will go over what I had on this visit according to the order it came to the table.  First one was the Toro Salmon Sashimi or Salmon belly.  I didn’t plan to order this one but the server was so convincing that it was a must try.  I couldn’t resist.  At first glance, I knew it was going to be delicious and I was right.  It was so scrumptious; its fat was so juicy and so fresh.  It was the best bite of Salmon I ever had.  Thanks to the server.  Second dish was the assortment of sushi by Shori Sushi @ Asoke.  The size was satisfying.  I just went to the Tororo Sushi, I thought it was the biggest but some selections at Shori were a little bit bigger.  All of them were greatly enjoyable.  The one I liked the most was the Engawa or the One-Eye Fish’s fin.  I have had the Engawa at many places but Shori’s Engawa was unbelievably super delicious (and it was priced lower than average)   

Another Sushi bite that I liked was the Saba.  The size was enormous for 40 baht.  I can say that it was the best in size, taste, and price.  I am sorry to say that Mugendai isn’t as good as this one.  More Sushi that we ordered were Ikura, Unagi, Hamachi, and Hokkigai.  All of them were pleasing to the tongue but not as special as the first two I mentioned.  Next up was the Salmon Tataki or Spicy salmon salad, mixed with Thai style dressing; cucumber and chilies.  Shori Sushi @ Asoke didn’t do it as delicious as Sushi Masa or Fuji.  It must be the dressing that was milder, we still enjoyed it anyways.

The rest of the food we got were two choices of Chirashi Sushi.  One of them was a regular size and the other one was the Deluxe size.  I didn’t get to try them much because they were my dad and my brother’s order.  Both of them loved it and commented that the fish were all really fresh.  As I could see, both had stunning portion.  Each bowl’s variety was according to the price; 300 and 450 baht.  There weren’t anything premium in there; only salmon, tuna, sea bass, and other basic choices.  The last one was the Rainbow Roll; with Salmon, Tuna, and Avocado.  It was nicely rolled; colorful and appetizing.  I really like it; I felt like I was having a roll of fish and not so much rice, which was incredible. 

To conclude, Shori Sushi impressed me and my family very much due to several factors; customer service, freshness and taste, price, atmosphere.  The interior setting was very traditional and Japanese oriented, which enhanced the mood of a Japanese meal.   Every aspect of the Shori Sushi was amazing, so why wouldn’t I make this one of my favorites.  Coming to the Shori Sushi is well worth it, even if I have to drive across town and having to get through the heavy traffic.    

P.S.  Anyways, I would like to the new generation of Sushi shops that I know, just to help you decide which ones is right for you.

Deliciousness:  Shori Sushi > Tororo Sushi > Sakana > Sushi Masa
Value :  Shori Sushi > Sakana > Tororo Sushi > Sushi Masa
Fast Prep :  Sakana > Tororo Sushi > Shori Sushi > Sushi Masa

As you can see, , the Sushi Masa is pulling off the last in all criteria.  However Sushi Masa seems to attract the long queue in the front more than other places.  I don’t have anything against the Sushi Masa.  This ranking is solely my opinion; please share your thoughts about these new generations Sushi Shops. 

Feel free to leave a comment and you can also contact me via channels below.


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