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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Man Ho Chinese Buffet - JW Marriott Hotel, Bangkok

Man Ho - Chinese Restaurant JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok - Dim Sum Buffet

Overall Score  9.5/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   5/5

Man Ho JW Marriott Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Man Ho is the official Chinese restaurant of the JW Marriott, a five star hotel in the Bangkok metropolitan area.  Food served at Man Ho is similar to other Chinese restaurants in hotels that it has the Dim Sum Buffet for lunch in which I am reviewing.

The overall atmosphere of the Man Ho is simpler than most typical Chinese restaurants in hotels, with its dark tone wood furnishing and much less ornamental decoration – it was still quite luxurious and comfortable.  There was also a large round table in a private room available in case your large party wants the privacy.  Expansive selection in the buffet menu was incredible.  I particularly liked the roasted duck and the red BBQ pork, which you won’t find elsewhere other than at the Man Ho.  More details of the menu can be found in the tab menu as usual.  Btw, the price of Dim Sum buffet at Man Ho is 750 baht net.  

We had to wait a while for the Dim Sum of the Man Ho at JW Marriott to arrive.  I suggest to order all the food you want at once in the beginning.  If you place additional order, you might get frustrated waiting for the food.  Our first group of dim sum finally came (actually the wait wasn’t so bad), we were so impressed with the deliciousness of our selections.  I must say that Dim Sum at Man Ho was more tasty than any other Chinese places in five star hotels than I had gone to, like the Silk road, Yuan, Sui Sian (not so good), Bai Yun, and more.  Man ho serves the best, I am telling you.  The best one is the Kuay Tew Lord.  With three choices of stuffing to choose from, I am sure one of them will impress you.  Other choices that I was also fond of were the Ha-Kao and Shumai; both were large with full option stuffing.  

To conclude, my laid back Dim Sum lunch on Sunday was very satisfying.  The food impressed me the most.  All of the diverse selection was delicious.  I guess my negative comment would be on the servers.  I know that the place was full but that shouldn't be an excuse, don’t you think? The management should hire more people or train the servers to properly service customers to the maximum capacity.  Oh well, I could live with the less than perfect service when I have the most delicious Dim Sum in town in front of me and especially at a bargain price.  So, take your family or friends to the Man Ho @ JW Marriott this weekend and prove true for me that their Dim Sum is as great as I thought it was.  

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