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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Calderazzo Italian Restaurant - Langsuan, Bangkok

Calderazzo Italian Restaurant, Bangkok

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Calderazzo Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

Calderazzo is a fine Italian restaurant resided among the pricey restaurants of Langsuan area.  I have heard about this restaurant a while back.  A good recommendation but just didn’t have the opportunity to go.  After trying so many restaurants in the Thonglor area, it is about time to move to the Langsuan area.  Calderazzo – Ristorante Italiano is a restaurant under the management of the Watemark restaurants @ Sukhumvit 53 in which I have never been to.  So, personally I can really compare the two restaurants under one roof. 

Atmosphere and service of the Calderazzo were as of a five star hotel restaurant.  With its extravagance decorations and the table arrangement to promote privacy of each party, this set up is perfect for the upper class customers.  Service staffs were really attentive, constantly taking care of our table.  I loved the great service of the expensive restaurants; it makes me feel like I am an important person, lol..  For Calderazzo, two essential aspects of a fine restaurant are taken care of.  So, let’s move on to the food.  Calderazzo serves authentic Italian food with not too many selections, only the carefully selected menus just like all the pricey restaurants.  Please see more details of the menu in the tab menu as usual.  

Firstly, the complimentary bread – the variety looked alright.  I didn’t try them because I wasn’t so hungry and wanted to save room for the core dishes.  Our first menu was the Caprese Salad, which was beautifully done, served with orderly arrangement on a large plate.  Once tried – it wasn’t as good as it looked.  The cheese was bland and the tomatoes weren’t as juicy as how I’d like it.  Next up was the Beef Carpaccio, my favorite again.  Presentation was original, macho and bulky – beef slices covered around the pile veggies, atop with flakes of cheese.  This menu was good but nothing too exciting.  Rossini and the Casa Antonio in Chiang Mai can do these two menus much much better.  

Third one was the signature pasta of Calderazzo, the Nero Squid Ink Pasta with Chilean Seabass and tomatoes.  It was the best dish of the meal.  This pasta made up for the first two dishes.  I rarely found black pasta that impressed me in the past.  Calderazzo touched my heart – I can’t explain to you how delicious it was.  You have to try it yourself.  Last menu was the Veal, battered and deep fried.  I remember having a similar menu at the IL Tartufo at the Sukhumvit 49, which was awful.  The Calderazzo did this menu with better quality but still wasn’t that great.  After finishing the main course – I thought to myself that Calderazzo should offer me more than just the super delicious Pasta.  I decided to give them a chance on desserts.  We had the Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Ice-cream.  For not being a dessert person, Calderazzo surprisingly impressed me with their sweet wonder.  

Total damage of this meal was 2,300 baht but we asked for the bill before 8pm so we got 25% discount.  My dinner experience at Calderazzo was enjoyable with the elegance atmosphere and top notch service.  Without the tasty Pasta and the delightful dessert, I would have been frustrated with the food.  Well, again- it is the issue of personal preferences.  All dishes in the menu can’t please everybody.  So, coming to Calderazzo at Langsuan next time – I will go for their Pastas and their sweets heaven.  

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