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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tororo Sushi Japanese Restaurant - Ekamai, Bangkok

Tororo Sushi - Japanese Sushi Restaurant at Ekamai, Bangkok 

Overall Score 8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

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Nowadays there are more and more Japanese restaurants specialize only on sushi in Bangkok.  Restaurants like this that I can think of are Sushi Masa, Sakana, and the Miyatake.  A brand new one just open for business is the Tororo Sushi at the Ekamai Horizon building.  Tororo Sushi is started by the head chef of the Miyatake.  I wonder how the Miyatake is doing.  Is it not doing so well that the chef had to leave? Or is it so successful that the chef sees an opportunity to start his own?  I believe it is the latter reason.  Sushi has become so popular in Bangkok that you don’t know which ones to go to.  I am only speaking of the strictly sushi; not the premium ones with all the Japanese specialties like Honmono, Mugendai, and so on.  I am a sushi lovers too but the problem is the price (even in Japan, sushi is consider expensive).  Tororo Sushi also serves pricey sushi just like any other places.  To spend this kind of money, you definitely expect it to find the most pleasurable place to compensate with the price you pay.  That’s why I am here to advise you the best ones to go to.      

Menu of the Tororo Sushi @ Ekamai is very similar to the experienced sushi shops I mentioned earlier.  Could I say that the menu is exactly the same; in terms of the variety of choices, the price, and the assortment sets.  I assumed that they must have the same seafood supplier.   You can see the menu of Tororo Sushi in the tab menu as usual.  

I was there with two friends but we didn’t order a lot since we just ate a heavy lunch earlier today.  We each had about ten bites, enough to cover majority of the selections.  I would like to tell you about the best ones first (delicious and affordable).  First one was the Ikura for 160 baht, real salmon in large size, so fresh and so delicious.  Second is the Enkawa for 120 baht.  Tororo sushi served a real fresh pick, firm texture and tasty.  Simply delicious picks were the Salmon and Saba.  Both were in large perfect size.  Tastiness and freshness weren’t to be worried about.  Highly recommend, I confirm its greatness. 

Other choices were Gindara, Katsu-O, Hotate, Akami, Hamachi, Kampachi, Hokkigai, and more.  Some of them I tried and others were my friend’s pick.  All of them were rated as standard in terms of size, taste, and price.  One of them that failed was the Anago or sea water eel.  I have had this menu several times but the one at Tororo sushi was so small and not so appetizing.  Hanaya at Si Phraya serves this sea pick nice and large.  Nonetheless, Tororo’s Anago was small but the taste was alright. 

I would like to describe the Tororo Sushi @ Ekamai as the Sprawl of the Miyatake Era.  Comparing to the two experienced Sushi shops I referred to, Tororo is a competitive newcomer that seized the opportunity of Sushi demand in Bangkok really well.  If we talked about the atmosphere, I like how the Tororo sushi is more spacious and comfortable.  I like this place because some of the Nigiri at Tororo is bigger too.  More importantly, this place is not too far from my house.  Btw, you can become a registered member at Tororo Sushi @ Ekamai and get 15% discount on every visit.  I recommend this Sushi joint as your regular spot.    

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