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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Masala Art Indian Restaurant - Thonglor, Bangkok

Masala Art Indian Restaurant, Thonglor Bangkok 

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   2/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

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Masala Art – the art of blending spices – Finest Indian Cuisine is an Indian restaurant that I am reviewing.  This restaurant is located at the Eighth Thonglor building at Thonglor Soi 8.  Commuting to this place is simple; as you travel down the Thonglor road you will find the building at Soi 8.  Parking is available and you can get a free parking stamp.  If you noticed, I haven’t gone to too many Indian restaurants – part of it is because my mom doesn’t like Indian food.  She said it is not delicious and stinky.  I like to take my mom to review restaurants with me, so Indian restaurants were never on the list.  Not too long ago, I took my mom to the Gaggan – Indian Progressive Cuisine and we both liked it.  My mom did change her perspective on Indian food a bit.  Since I heard that the Masala Art @ Thonglor 8 is a famous one, so there we were – challenging our palates.     

Masala Art’s offering is and All Indian restaurant and very authentic Indian cuisine.  I don’t have much experience with Indian food.  My imagination of Indian food is the Roti bread and curry with really strong spices smell.  At the Masala Art, a la carte is available as well as the set menu.  It was at lunch time, so we ordered the lunch special at economy price.  Please see the details in the tab menu to get more ideas of the food at Masala Art. 

My mother and I ordered the Royale Set Lunch for 299 baht with the 50 baht extra for the Indian smoothie, the Lassi.  Our appetizer was the Boneless BBQ Chicken marinated with yoghurt and spice, served with the puff pastry filled with green peas and potatoes.  And another starter was something really Indian.  It was a bowl of mixture of vegetables and meat in the red curry and spices.  The flavor was weird but I think if you like heavily spiced food, you will enjoy it.  My mom and I were kind of holding back with the main.  The bread was not bad – helped easing out the strong herbal aroma some.  The two curries were not that bad for me when enjoying with lots of rice and the bread.    

Overall, the Indian food of Masala Art @ Thonglor was rather strange to me.  The taste was just not delicious to me; no distinct flavors only the strong aroma of spices.  I put the curry in the Nan Bread and it was more edible.   So, you be the judge yourself – a couple of friends I know told me that if you don’t like Indian food, Masala Art may not suit you.  Now I understand that I am not the Indian food person just like my mom.  

However, the Masala Art @ Thonglor may actually serve authentic and delicious Indian food to particular group of people who like the strong flavors.  I saw many expats enjoying their meal.  For my mom and I – we have to give up Indian food unless it was the fusion style like the Gaggan Progessive Indian – more adaptable Indian cuisine. 

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