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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Seafood Bar - Somerset Lake Point @ Sukhumvit 16, Bangkok

The Seafood Bar - American & European Seafood Restaurant at Somerset Lake Point, Bangkok - Sukhumvit 16

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

The Seafood Bar - American Seafood Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Seafood Bar – well, the name tells all.  They serve seafood right to over the bar.  The Seafood Bar is located at the ground floor of the Somerset Lake Point, a serviced apartment at the Sukhumvit 16.  In the spacious dining hall, there are several seating areas; bar, table, and private rooms.  Decoration is simple and straight forward, yet classy and elegant.  Wall murals of big fish emphasized their seafood expertise.  Open for business only at dinner time.  Between 6pm – 9pm is the Happy hour, where the daily special main course is half off from regular price of 600 baht.  Fresh oyster is 50 baht a piece, reduced from 95 baht.  And Draft beer is only 50 baht per glass, where normally is 120 baht.  I got there just in time at 6.50pm, so I took a great advantage of the Happy Hour.  I heard that the Seafood Bar is closed every Monday because they are gone fishing.  I assumed they really do that, therefore I chose to go on Tuesday to get the fish at its freshest state.    

There are not many food selections at the Seafood Bar @ Sukhumvit 16; only about 20 items to choose from.  Everything is in one single list except for the dessert.  So, appetizer, main course, salad, and soup were all in the same category.  I believe the menu changes seasonally according to the availability from the sea.  About prices – I think it reasonable.  Seafood Pasta cost around 300 to 400 baht and Alaskan king crab will be about 4,500 baht.  Good thing about the small menu – it is not much of a headache when ordering.         

First one was the Happy Hour main course – the Grilled Hamachi with mashed potato, asparagus, grained mustard sauce 550 baht value for 300 baht.  My friend ordered this one and I didn’t know.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a chicken menu.  With the first bite, I asked what kind of chicken it was, so soft.  A retarded one, I was, lol…  Anyways, it was a great start.  The fish fillet was big, soft, tasty, and perfect with the asparagus.  Second dish was the Oyster Happy Hour for 50 baht per one.  We got six of them and each of them was from different places.  The server told me but I forgot.  I had two oysters myself.  It was so fresh and so sweet.  If you haven’t had good experiences with oysters, this place will definitely change your point of view.  

Next up was the Lobster bisque (180 baht), served in a coffee cup (tiny serving) and it didn’t taste that good.  Then we got the Seafood linguini pasta, tomato sauce for 350 baht.  It was a really delicious pasta, perhaps more delicious than some Italian restaurants.  Its texture was just al dante with tasty tomato sauce and all of the seafood ingredients were so fresh.   Coming up next was the Grouper with lentil and red wine butter sauce for 550 baht.  A large fillet covered the lentil and red wine sauce underneath.  Wow, they were so great together.   Super Delicious!  

Now the last three dishes, first one was the crispy fried oyster with wasabi mayonnaise.  For 180 baht, we only got two so we doubled the order.  This was my first time having the crispy fried oysters.  It was different, good in a way.  Second was the Baby shrimp cocktail, horseradish cocktail sauce – 180 baht.  This one appeared to be like an appetizer but it came last.  We got lots of shrimp and the dressing was wonderful, but I didn’t like the lettuce for some reason.  It just felt out of place.  Then for dessert, we had the Lemon Mango tart with lemon grass milk for 120 baht.  It was just a typical mango tart you can find anywhere.

Overall, my dinner at the Seafood Bar @ Sukhumvit 16 was interesting and enjoyable.  It is a seafood experience that I am used to, like Thai or Chinese style.  It was an American style, no spicy lime chili sauce like how I usually eat my seafood in Thailand.  I must admit that they did a great job in creating these delicious seafood menus.  I loved their oysters, both fresh and fried.  I would definitely come back here again, hope they change the menu already so I can try something new.       

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