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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Cosmothai Seafood - Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok

New Cosmothai Seafood - Thai and Chinese Restaurant - Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

New Cosmothai Seafood - Thai and Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The New Cosmothai is a seafood restaurant located in the Soi Sukhumvit 26.  I had come to this place long time ago and I wasn’t sure if the place was relocated because of the K-Village.  The restaurant is now right behind Carrefour.  Parking is easy; plenty of spots right in front of the place.  Almost ten years ago, this restaurant was my grandmother’s favorite.  I went there a few times and I liked it a lot because their seafood was always really fresh.  

The menu of New CosmoThai is inclusive of all the typical seafood Thai dishes.  Please see more details in the tab menu.  All of them are Thai, Chinese, and a mixture of both.  Seafood is what they specialize in.  Our choices on this visit were the ones that my family always ordered.  We wanted to bring back the delish memories and to see if their quality had changed.  First one was the Baby Clam with garlic bread.  This menu is not commonly found at Thai seafood restaurants.  This appetizer was tasty.  Second dish was the Yum Woonsen Talay or Spicy seafood salad with glass noodles.  It was also a good one but nothing that special.   

Third one was definitely our usual pick, the Lard Na Pla Tao See or Flat noodles with brown gravy (medium size).  Please see the photo, medium was more like a large size.  CosmoThai was so generous with this dish.  There was excessive amount of everything; fish, veggies, noodles, and all.  Not just the portion that was impressive, the taste was also amazing; I loved it.  Fourth dish was also a usual pick, the Poo Pad Pong Karee or Stir-fried Crab with yellow curry.  This time, the sauce was thicker than how I remembered it in the past.  However, the great taste didn’t change.  To have the sauce with the rice was heaven on earth.  The crab in this menu was huge, especially the pincers.  Its meat was so firm and fresh.  CosmoThai has their live seafood made to order, one menu at a time.   

Fifth menu was the Kang Pah Neau or Beef curry soup – I don’t think I have had this menu here before.  Again, the portion showed a great generosity of the restaurant.  I really liked this beef menu for its intense flavor, deliciousness, and the heavy aroma of the spices.  It was another tastefully done menu at CosmoThai.  Last menu was also our usual pick at the New CosmoThai – the Pla Boo Neang See-ew or Steamed Fish (Goby) in Soy sauce.  Too bad that the size of the Goby fish was too small but freshness and the great taste didn’t reduce one bit. 

The New CosmoThai @ Sukhumvit 26 is still the best Thai Chinese Seafood restaurant in my heart.  I was touched by their generosity and their cooking skill.  Every dish was served deliciously in great portion.  With their fish tanks for the live seafood, there is no need to worry about the freshness because your choice of seafood was just alive minutes before serving to the table.  Customer service was above standard.  Personally, I would like to proudly present the New CosmoThai to all of you.  This is a Must-Try Seafood restaurant of Bangkok.  

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