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Monday, July 16, 2012

Gai and Joel European Restaurant - Langsuan Rd., Bangkok

Gai and Joel - European Restaurant at Lungsuan Rd., Bangkok 

Overall Score  7.5/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  5/5
Value   3.5/5

Gai & Joel - European Restaurant on BUmRes.com

In the Langsuan area, there are so many restaurants along the two sides of the street as well as in the Soi.  Some are in its own entity and some are in hotels.  The Gai and Joel - Global Flavor is right on the Langsuan road.  I am not sure of the name of this complex but the Wine Bridge is also a well known restaurant in the same complex.  Gai and Joel serves European dishes with the focus toward French cuisine.  They also have lunch set available at a bargain price.  I believe the place has three stories, where the first floor is the main dining area and upper floors are the private rooms and office.  I was there around noon on a weekday and there was only one other table.  They were not Thai people.   I have no idea about how their business is doing but Gai and Joel should be fine since this place has been opened for about two years. 

My first great impression at the Gai and Joel was the customer service.  It was comparable to French restaurants in five star hotels.  My server was really kind, polite, and knowledgeable about the menu.  I also liked how they had free filtered water for their customers.  I have been to a few European restaurants and all I got was the question, “sparkling or still?” I just wanted to say, whatever is free please.  I just don’t want to spend 200 baht for a bottle of water.  Honestly I can live without the mineral water, no problem.  I am so glad to see that Gai and Joel – Global Flavor serves free water. 

At Gai and Joel, there are three levels of lunch sets; executive for 690++, Signature for 490++, and Pasta for 390++.  And at dinner time, you have about five choices in each category (5 appetizers, 5 soups, 5 salads, something like that).  Main course prices started from 600++ baht; quite reasonable for this type of French restaurant.  About my lunch set, I chose the 390++ baht.  First course was the Insalata Caprese (my favorite).  Its presentation was unique but the taste wasn’t as good as it appeared.  I expected the tomato to be more fresh and juicy.  And there was not enough cheese to give the full flavor.  Next is the main course – Cappellini alle vongole (Angel hair pasta, fresh cockles, white wine, garlic, flat leaf parsley).  The pasta was cooked to about al dante.  I liked the taste of it.  Only if it had more sauce, it would be a perfect pasta dish.   Last one of the Pasta set was the cinnamon flamed brulee.  I had never seen this kind of presentation ever before.  And it was the best Crème Brulee that I have had in a while.  The texture of the crème was soft and flavorful.  It was about five bites to nothing.  These were most valuable bites of sweetness ever.  In this set, with an improvement on the caprese salad, it would be a really impressive lunch set.    

My brother had the Executive set for 690++ baht.  The first course was the Australian white asparagus wrapped in prosciutto ham, alfredo sauce white truffle oil.  I got to try a little bit; the taste was very light to almost no flavor.  French style appetizers at Gai and Joel sort of failed to impress my Thai palates.  If you have had it, please share your thoughts with me.  For main course, it was the Lamb rack marinated with cinnamon “Rougie” duck breast, honey lavender skin milk fed veal medallion steamed rich garden vegetables.  This one was beautifully presented.  Its large portion surprisingly came with wonderful flavors.  The medium rare lamb was sliced into pieces, which was convenient.   The dark sauce had a light salty taste, which made the lamb even more enjoyable.  Last course was the dessert.  Gai & Joel presented the Tiramisu in uniquely with the sugar sheet.  It was good but not as good as the Crème Brulee.    

Gai and Joel – Global Flavor at Langsuan offered enjoyable lunch sets in French European style.  I loved both of the main dishes but the appetizers were just too bland for me.  Everything else about this restaurant was wonderful; service, atmosphere, price.  If I ever get the chance to come back for dinner, I hope they can do the appetizers better than at lunch time.  For all of you who have tried the Gai and Joel, please kindly share your experiences with me.  I would love to know what everyone thinks.  

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