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Monday, July 2, 2012

Deja Vu French Restaurant - Pullman Hotel, Bangkok

Deja Vu - French Restaurant @ Pullman Hotel Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   4/5

Deja Vu - French Restaurant on BumRes.com

Déjà vu is the official French restaurant of the Pullman Hotel at the Soi Rangnam.  Actually I have gone to this restaurant twice but I didn’t take any photos.  One of the time I was with my girlfriend, we order the three course set for 1,200 baht (discounted with the King Power card), surely was an impressive meal.  The main course was really delicious.  Not too long ago, I found an article saying that the chef of Déjà vu was a two-star Michelin chef.  The restaurant had a promotion again; 30 items for 2,100 baht.  If you order two sets, a bottle of wine is free.  I had to bring a friend along because my girlfriend wasn’t a big eater.  Interior design was beautiful.  Atmosphere was very romantic with the low lighting - but, not good for photography.  Customer service was great, just like any exclusive hotels ; knowledgeable of the food, service mind, and closely serviced our table.  

Selection of food in the menu is limited and constantly changing for the diversity.  I had the Chilean Sea Bass last time and I couldn’t find it this time.  Too bad – I really wanted to have it again.  Food is categorized into Starters, Soups, Main courses, and Desserts.  Ordering in multiple courses can be done; 2 course for 888 baht and 3 course for 1,500 baht (with the extra 20% discount with the card).  If you were to ask me, I recommend ordering the course set; much more valuable and perfectly filling.  Let’s review the food of Déjà vu.  

In the 30-course tasting mastering menu (2,100 baht), each course came out in a group.  There was a total of four main groups; starters, soup, main, dessert.  Each menu is served in a bite size, spoonful to get the taste of one creation at a time.  I couldn’t remember each of them individually to tell you about.  Presentation – imagine of the Iron Chef show as you were one of the judges.  This tasting experience at Déjà vu was one of a kind.  As I was told, each sampler could be found in the regular menu.  So, practically I got to try the whole menu in one meal.  Deliciousness of each bite was quite a variety; some were supremely delectable and some were less.  I didn’t find any of them being not delicious but I got two bites that were inedible, which were the Goat cheese and some kind of other cheese.  Man, seriously I almost didn’t spit it out in time.  It was way too smelly, I just hated it.  When a server saw me spitting out, she said to me that she forgot to tell me that it was extremely smelly.  Besides the two cheese bites, every single bite of the sampler was impressive.  Please see the photos to get more idea of the experience.  

My other two friends that were girls ordered the Angel hair with lobster (980 baht), please see the photo.  This menu was super delicious, I really liked it; with the slightly spicy, I couldn’t resist having my 31st sampler, lol…

The price of this meal at Déjà vu, cost 2,100 baht for the two guys with the bottle of wine included.  The wine was a perfect match with the French samplers.  And the girls paid 888 baht each for the two course set; one set with starter + main and the other with main and dessert.  Both girls ordered the same main course.  I didn’t the photos of the starter or the dessert.  I was fast enough to catch the photo since they both hawked the two when I didn’t pay attention.  To be honest, for all the money that we paid today, presentation and the overall experience were satisfying.  All four of us surely enjoyed the romantic atmosphere and the great food prepared by the two-star Michelin chef.  Moreover, the wine was a great part of the memorable experience; attractive promotion of the Déjà vu.  I highly recommend you all to check out this fine French spot at the Pullman Hotel.  

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