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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fifty Five (55) Steak House - Centara Grand, CTW Bangkok

Fifty Five (55) Steakhouse @ Centara Grand, Bangkok - Central World

Overall Score 9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

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The Fifty Five or 55 is one of the most luxurious restaurants in town, located on the 54th floor of the Centara Grand @ Central World.  I am not sure why the restaurant is named 55 when it is actually on the 54th floor.  Perhaps, it is because the name fifty five sounds more catchy.  55th and 56th floors are where the Red Sky is located, another upscale romantic restaurant of the Centara.  About the Fifty Five restaurant, their service was the best and their atmosphere was fantastic.  And regarding the most important aspect, the food - we will get into that. 

The Fifty Five @ Centara Grand can be characterized as a Steak house (while the Red Sky on the above level is European Fusion).  Fifty Five’s food selection was so small.  Please feel free to see more details of the menu in the tab menu as usual.  On my visit, the restaurant happened to have the set course of Wagyu Prime Rib Roast, which I was so interested.  In the set, there were Caesar salad or Cream of Celery soup with Wagyu Prime Ribs Roast cut or Pan seared Red Snapper and the dessert was the Mascarpone Feuillete with tea or coffee.  The price of this whole set was 1,955++ baht.  If you ordered two sets, a bottle of Bin444 Wyundham Estate will be included as a complimentary.  So, I didn’t have to think much; I asked my brother to go for the set, so we could try all the choices. 

Caesar Salad came with a couple of Romaine lettuce leaves; too small of a portion and the taste was a little bit salty.  I was kind of upset with the serving size.  Oh well, I always expect more from every restaurant, lol…  Next up was the Celery soup; it had a small piece of Foie Gras placing on top.  The taste was good, simple but flavorsome.  Again, the foie gras could be bigger.

First of our mains to serve was the Wagyu Prime Ribs, carved from the chunk by the Chef right at our table.  At first I didn’t like the appearance.  The skin was so dark in color (It was the charred spices from the marinade).  I was so amazed by its deliciousness; tender, juicy, and perfectly large cut.  I wanted to order another one so bad.  I wish it was as simple as to just say, one more slice please.    The Red snapper was also a great main dish.  However, I was more in love with the Wagyu.  So, I must say that the food of the Fifty Five was greatly enjoyable.   

The dessert looked like a couple of Tiramisus and a sorbet ice-cream.  Both tasted delightful and beautifully presented.  We finished our meal with the tea, served stylishly with the chocolate fondue floating in fog of dry ice.  Seven pieces of it were crisp on the outside.  As I puncture through, the soft filling overflowed in my mouth; what a wonderful feeling.  This evening was perfect from the very beginning to end.  Fifty Five @ Centara Grand definitely impressed me.  

This fine dinner totaled to about 3,000 baht.  We had the Centara Gold to get the 50% discount.  My brother and I really enjoyed our upscale experience at the 55 @ Centara Grand.  Beside the small serving appetizers, I was really impressed with the food, the atmosphere, and the service very much.   If you all get a chance, I recommend spending some quality time with your special someone at the Fifty-five or 55 @ Centara Grand, Bangkok.  

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