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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bann Silom Thai restaurant - Chiang Mai

BannSilom - Thai Food - Chiang Mai

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

BannSilom Thai food Chiang Mai on BumRes.com

The Bann Silom is a simple Thai name for a restaurant, serving Thai food.  If I didn’t know about this place, I would assume that it is located in Silom area, Bangkok.  Actually the restaurant is in a tiny street behind the Central Plaza Kard Suan Keaw, Chiang Mai.  This restaurant is the fifth restaurant review in the Northern Thailand trip of spring 2012.  I can’t remember why I chose this restaurant.  Once I have tried the food, I was so glad that I went.  

The Bann Silom is in the Soi Boonruangrid 2, same street as the Chiang Mai – Ram Hospital.  If you drove there, amount of parking spaces is limited but there will be enough.  Food of Bann Silom is mainly Thai, categorized in western style (appetizer, salad, rice & noodle).  Amount is selection is adequate and all of the choices are priced reasonably cheap (for people from Bangkok, I think).  Please see more details in the tab menu as usual.  The laid back atmosphere of Bann Silom was nothing stylish.  Where I seated was an open air patio, which was one of the sections in the restaurant.  Servers were really nice and polite.  They weren’t nearby our table throughout the meal but it wasn’t a problem.        

Most of the food that I ordered was Thai.  First one was the Shrimp Pad Thai for 45 baht, a classic choice that can tell a little bit about the chef.  And Bann Silom did a good job.  Noodles were perfectly cooked, not too hard and not too soft.  Good sized shrimps were soaked with flavors to match the noodles.  It was a simply delicious dish.  Second one was the baked ribs with honey (80 baht).   Its appearance was so appetizing but once I tasted it; I felt like it was missing something.  Flavors weren’t exactly in harmony, it was still enjoyable though.  The large portion kept me busy one rib at a time.  

The third one was Green curry with crispy chicken (85 baht), which was the best one of the meal.  Its fusion with the Tonkatsu style chicken impressed me.  To fully enjoy the battered chicken with the thick flavorsome curry sauce, I must pour it over the steamed Jasmine rice.  Last dish was the Kang som Cha-om Goong (65 baht) or a tamarind curry soup with omelet and shrimp.  The broth was so thick; I assumed that there was a mix of ground fish.  I personally like it soupy.   The Cha-Om (vegetable) omelet reduced the intensity of the broth a bit – spicy and tangy flavors.  Again, it was great over white rice. 

When I got the bill, I couldn’t believe my eyes; the price was only 315 baht.  Just the green curry alone could cost about 300 baht in Bangkok.  The price was like eating at food stalls in Bangkok.  At Bann Silom, a sit down restaurant with full service and we had 4 dishes and one iced tea.  What more could I ask for from Bann Silom? The food was pretty good and the price was so dang cheap.  I love Chiang Mai! 

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