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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ah Yat Abalone Chinese Restaurant - Ramada Hotel, Bangkok

Ah Yat Abalone - Chinese Restaurant Ramada Hotel, Bangkok - Charoen Krung - Dim Sum Lunch

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  2/5
Value   4/5

Ah Yat Abalone Seafood - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Ah Yat Abalone Forum is a Chinese restaurant that has been in my eating list for quite some time.  This hotel is located on the Charoen Krung road 72/2.  With its location at the Ramada Riverside Hotel, being so far from my house – it took a while until the occasion to review at this Chinese place had finally come.  The Ah Yat Abalone serves Dim Sum at lunch time and a few choices of Chinese side dishes.  On Monday through Saturday (not including holidays), the restaurant has a 50% discount on the Dim Sum and 20% off for other side dishes.  Moreover, there are a few dining packages with the special promotion ranges from a few thousand baht to 29,800++ baht per table.   

I got to the Ah Yat Abalone at noon on a weekday.  You will be stunned by its large dining hall – OMG, how could this whole place be full of customers (this was a weekday).  Once I sat down, there were many menus given to me (you can see more details of the menu in the tab menu).  We had to wait a short while for the food.  I wasn’t upset with the slow food; it was the servers that bothered me.  I hollered to get help but I was ignored.  I had plain iced tea but the server refilled my glass with chrysanthemum tea.  The servers also messed up my order.  We got the wrong order.  We stopped caring about the service to the point that we started laughing about the server’s confusion; servers of Ah Yat Abalone@ Ramada Riverside Hotel definitely needed some training.  

To be honest, the taste of all the food in this meal was rather disappointing after the long wait.  Quality of all Dim Sum choices we had were below average.  We had the Ha-kao shrimp, Shrimp Shumai, Noodles with stuffing (Kuay Tew Lord, bad one), Kanom Pakkard (fried flour block), and BBQ pork bun; all of which were just not that good.  The ones I liked were the Duck’s tongue, Poh Pia tod; better than most places I have gone to.  The most memorable dish was the crispy pork; unbelievably delicious.  I was eating it by itself and I was truly enjoying it.  Moo krob or crispy fried pork is the Must Try dish at the Ah Yat Abalone Forum @ Ramada Hotel.   

Our bill totaled to 2,059 baht for a table of four; it wasn’t expensive and not cheap for a Chinese lunch in a hotel.  For the Ah Yat Abalone Chinese Dim Sum Lunch at Ramada Hotel, too bad that I probably won’t go back there again since I have many good and cheap Chinese restaurant near my house.  But, if someone is buying for me – I won’t refuse. 

P.S. I highly recommend the Live Seafood at Ah Yat Abalone.  Their fresh selection was remarkable, served with Thai spicy seafood sauce – it was incredible.   

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