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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fujian Chinese Restaurant - Mandarin Oriental Dhara Thevi, Chiang Mai

Fujian Chinese Restaurant Mandarin Oriental Dhara Thevi Chiang Mai - Dim Sum Buffet

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

Fujian - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Fujian is the official Chinese restaurant of the Grande and extravagance Madarin Dhara Thevi in Chiang Mai.  This restaurant is the second place on my eating trip in Northern Thailand of the spring 2012.  I chose this place because I personally like the Dim Sum, especially the buffet at one of the greatest Hotel in Thailand.  Being the Madarin Hotel, I have put up a high standard on the customer service and the atmosphere.  The Fujian Chinese restaurant is resided within the Kard-Dara, which is a small souvenir market of the hotel, same place as the bakery shop.  Other restaurants of Madarin Dhara Thevi; Agalico and Farung Ses are located inside the hotel.  For a precise location of the restaurant, please see the map on the website.  It is not hard to find, just keep driving on the Sankampang Road and you will find it.  

I have seen a review of the Fujian – all you can eat Dim Sum, written a couple of years ago; the price was 590 baht net.  However, the price went up to 818++ or about 930 baht on my visit.  This price included the drink, Dim Sum, deep fried goodies, soup, main course, and a dessert.  Selection of Dim Sum buffet was smaller than I expected; about 20 choices total.  If I was with a party of two, I could easily cover everything in the menu.  But if I was part of a big party, we would end up repeat the orders.  

Overall, Dim Sum of the Fujian Chinese restaurant @ Madarin Dhara Thevi didn’t impress me as much as I had expected.  I am reluctant to say that there was not one choice that I wanted to double (compared to my feelings at Liu, Man Ho, Silk Road in Bangkok).  Well, there was one dish that was more remarkable than others – Kuay Tew Lord Moo Daeng (Steamed rice noodle rolls with BBQ pork) and the Kuay Tew Lord Goong Kui Chay Kao (Steam rice noodles roll with shrimps and white veggies).  Each had excessive amount of stuffing.  For the Ha-kao (Crystal prawn dumplings) and the Pork Shumai (Traditional pork dumplings) that I heard so many good things about, they were so ordinary and not as magnificent as I expected.  In my mind, it should be filled with large shrimp with colorful Ebi and crabmeat toping.  They weren’t even close to what I had in mind.     

Other choices of Dim Sum were good to an average standard; the Pan-fried Chinese turnip cakes, Pan fried shrimp dumplings, Baked pastry filled with seafood and smoked ham  (a rare one that was good in a way), Steamed pork spare ribs in black bean and chili sauce, Steamed minced beef with bean curd skin, and more.  Please see the tab menu for complete detail. 

Our soup was the Chinese spinach soup with fresh market fish.  Main course was the Fried rice with salted fish and chicken.  The dessert was the Chilled mango and tapioca cream with Pamelo.  All of these additional specialties were greatly enjoyable, especially the dessert.  The mango dessert was really impressive but I was too full to enjoy the whole serving.  

My full option fancy lunch at the Fujian Chinese Restaurant was served with impressive customer service and the one of a kind atmosphere.  The place was a real antique Chinese Mansion with all the original decorative ornaments.  I loved the genuine retro atmosphere of the Fujian very much, please see photos.  For the price of 818++ baht, it was fair enough to experience a nice lunch in the intriguing atmosphere of the five star Madarin Dhara Thevi Hotel in Chiang Mai. 

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