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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Krua Apsorn Thai Restaurant - Samsen, Bangkok

Krua Apsorn Thai Restaurant, Samsen Area, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   5/5

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The Krua Apsorn is a well known Thai restaurant in the older part of Bangkok, Samsen road.  In my knowledge, Krua Apsorn originally started by the personal Chef of the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.  This restaurant had been around for a while but I am not sure how long; must have been around a decade old.  Now, there is two more locations; on Dinsor road near the Democracy Monument and at Sanambin Nam road.  

Commuting to the Krua Apsorn is easiest by car or taxi.  Since parking is limited, taxi is your best bet.  In case you want to drive, more parking is available in the Soi Samsen 9 or the Wat Rachathiwas (Thai Temple), which is only a short walk to the restaurant.  The name’s popularity is much larger than the size of the restaurant.  The place could probably hold about 40 people; it only takes up the first floor of two connecting townhouses.  Don’t look for extravagance atmosphere at Krua Apsorn because the place can only offer a clean and comfortable atmosphere to you.   Krua Apsorn’s greatest offer is the traditional Thai specialties of central and southern Thai dishes with a beautiful touch from the Royal’s recipes to create the truly charming culinary art (at affordable prices).  Please see more details in the tab menu.  I have already prepared for you all to view. 

On this visit at Krua Apsorn, I was with my family and we ordered so many dishes.  All the well known dishes of Krua Apsorn were on our table.  My most favorite menu was the stir-fried ground pork and flowers (Pad Dok Khajon Moo Sub).  It was my first time with this flower menu and it was unbelievably delicious.  You have to try it – I promise that you will fall in love like I did.  Next one is the Crabmeat with yellow curry (Poo Pad Pong Karee), an expensive dish compared to other dishes.  Once I saw the crabmeat and the portion, the price was no longer my problem.  Third best were the Yellow curry soup with lotus strings (Kang Leang Lai Bua) and the Red curry soup with local fish (Kang Pa Pla Hed Klon), both equally spicy and delicious.  I could really taste the authenticity of a homemade Thai curry, which was a memorable experience.  Last one was also a popular menu – the Kai Foo Poo (Puffy Omelet with crab).  I was disappointed that I didn’t feel the crabmeat blended with the eggs.  Its taste was rather plain like any Thai Omelet (Kai Jeow).  I have had this menu at the Ruen Thai Restaurant in Korat (Pakchong), which was more delicious. 

Our last menu at Krua Apsorn was the Pad Thai without the noodles.  A rare dish that is not found anywhere – its recipe could get carried on to form another famous Pad Thai food stand in the street.  After enjoying all the great Thai food from the royal recipes, we ordered the dessert.  It was the Saku Tua Dam (flour seeds with black beans), which offered a nice traditional taste.  Finally we asked for the check and we were shocked with the price – not that it was expensive but for how cheap it was.  Four people got to fully experience such a memorable traditional Thai meal for only 1,051 baht.  This kind of restaurant is hard to find.  This is the place to get the real Thai food that is delicious, authentic, and original.  Krua Apsorn changed me and made a Thai person like me love Thai food more than I ever did.  Please visit Krua Apsorn at your nearest location – I insist all expats. 

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