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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Favola Italian Restaurant - Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Mai

Favola Italian Restaurant at Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Mai 

Overall Score 10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   5/5

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Favola in Italian means, “a story to be told”.  I have no idea why the Godsend Italian restaurant of the Le Meridien Chiang Mai named itself Favola.  All I know is that Favola is the name that I will remember until my last day on earth.  The Favola aced my review from every single measure.  At this point, I have written about 600 reviews and this is definitely the best one of all the Italian restaurants in Thailand.  

The Favola is the sixth restaurant review of the Chiang Mai trip of spring 2012.  This restaurant is located on the second floor of the Le Meridian Chiang Mai and one of the two official restaurants of this five star hotel (the other one is the Latest Recipe – serving international buffet, breakfast, and so on).  In my eating list, this place wasn’t in the plan until I found a brochure at the lobby.  The Favola offered a monthly promotion that was so attractive.  The fact was that I stayed at the Le Meridien, which made it very convenient for me.  After a quick research about the place, many good reviews were found than convinced me to go.  All of the reviews were from tourists and expats (no reviews in Thai at all). 

I was wearing such a laid back outfit (t-shirt and shorts) to the Favola since I felt so comfortable and I was too lazy to change.  It was nice of the servers to not care about my attire.  It was kind of informal I guess, for such a nice restaurant.  During my dinner at the Favola @ Le Meridien, their five star service was absolutely magnificent.  Besides the service, the interior design was so beautiful and elegant, which created such a classy and extravagance atmosphere.  In the huge dining hall, there were only two tables.  Reviews I saw on the internet were saying the same about the low occupancy.  The menu was small, just like any typical Italian restaurants in hotel.  Average price is standard, leaning toward cheap in case you order the set (compared to upscale Italian restaurants in Bangkok).  Please see more details about Favola Italian specialties in the tab menu. 

In this meal, I ordered the set promotion for this month, the Fasta Set Menu for 1,200 baht, consisted of 5 courses.  It was a great deal because my main course alone – Grilled Lamb Cutlet at regular price is 1,150 baht.  Another dish was my mom’s choice (that I made her order), lol…  It was the Caprese Salad (Insalata Caprese – 350 baht).  I want to tell you something from my past experiences – whether it would be Italian or French restaurants, the complimentary bread can actually tells a lot about the meal.  The bread at Favola @ Le Meridien was fantatic; presented beautifully and served with three sauces instead of the butter or olive oil like other places.  I knew that the dinner would be impressive 

First one was the Red Tuna Carpaccio Crusted with Fennel Seed and Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop, Frissee Lettuce, Mango Dressing.  It was a love at first sight.  It was so beautiful and appetizing.  This appetizer disappeared in less than a minute because it was supremely delicious.  Raw Salmon and perfectly grilled Hotate were married into a Supreme Being, while being complimented by the lovely Frisse Lettuce was a nice touch. 

Second dish was the Deep Fried Prawn with Wasabi Aioli Set on Mango Salsa, Crispy Parmesan Chip and Eatable flowers.  Colorful flowers brought a wonderful sight to the round sheet of baked parmesan cheese atop.  Shrimps and corns below were meant for each other.  I constant felt great with the fresh taste as I work my way through the dish.  I loved it!

Third one was the Creamy Risotto with Fresh Mango, accompanied with Pan fried Duck Liver and a Drizzle of 15 year old Balsamic.  This was just a peek of the main, not the actual main dish.  Again, presentation was the key to impressing the audience.  With similarity to the second dish, its delightful taste was made differently with the risotto and the Foie Gras.  Buttery oil from the liver added a nice and juicy aroma to the rice.  What a delicious dish – so remarkable! 

The fourth dish was the main course, Grilled Lamb Cutlet with Caramelized Mango, Needle beans, Cratin Potatoes with Parma ham and Red Wine Jus or the Lamb chop with international vegetables.  Actually I expected this menu to be the best one of the meal.  After I had tried it, the first three menus were better.  Compared to other places, this menu was undeniably more delicious than average standard.  What I liked about this dish wasn’t the lamb but it was the Cratin Potato with Parma Ham.  I have never had any side dish like it before and it was so delectable.  

The fifth dish was my (mom’s) choice, Caprese Salad.  The Favola @ Le Meridien Chiang Mai did a great job on the presentation.  Its size was so big; I have never seen a salad this big in my life.  For only 350 baht, the portion was more than satisfying.  And more importantly, it tasted great.  All I can say is that it was one of the best Insalata Caprase I have ever had.  Too bad this place is in Chiang Mai, I won’t get to come back here so often.  

The dessert in this meal was the Cold Mango Cheese Cake, Strawberry Coulis or an Italian mango with sticky rice.  Personally I didn’t enjoy it as much because the rice was dry and had hard texture.  To my surprise, my mom liked it and she finished all of it, so I didn’t know how to properly award this dessert menu.  Again, it is another conflict of personal preference.

To wrap up, my extravaganza dinner at the Favola @ Le Meridien Chiang Mai was supremely impressive.  The presentation was so gorgeous as if the dishes were from a fairy tale.  Customer service was wonderful; I was treated as I was a royalty.  The price was such a bargain (we didn’t even use the Le Club discount and I still felt great about the price).   At this point, the Favola has leaped to a number one Italian restaurant in my heart already.  As I have said earlier, it is a disappointment that the Favola is not in Bangkok.  Well, from now on – I must pay a visit to the Favola at Le Meridien every time I travel to Chiang Mai. 

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