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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tai Hei Japanese Restaurant - Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok

Tai Hei Japanese Restaurant Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Taihei Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Nearly all luxurious hotels in Bangkok have included a Japanese restaurant in their fleet of cuisine.   On this visit, I am reviewing a Japanese restaurant of the Banyan Tree hotel on Sathorn road – the Taihei, which means tranquility.  On the 53rd floor, the Taihei created a contemporary Japanese dining environment to serve all the upper status folks.   At the Banyan tree – besides Rom Sai on the first floor, all other restaurants are located in the upper floors of the building.  Sky view at Taihei is no less intriguing than other restaurants of Banyan Tree.   In Taihei, the restaurant is purportedly divided into sections; Yakitori and Sushi on the 53rd floor and Teppanyaki on the 54th floor, both with regular seating, bar, and private rooms.  So, you take your pick.  My choice was the Sushi on a normal table set up.  

Taihei serves a great variety of Japanese dishes but only a handful of choices in each category.  Please see more details in the tab menu as usual.  Just like any other Japanese restaurant, the Taihei has the Lunch set at special price to serve their customers daily.  I always wonder about the purpose of having the lunch set at really bargaining price compared to dinner time.  There are several reasons for typical nice restaurants to serve lunch in sets; I have concluded roughly.  Since people tend to spend less money at lunch time, so I think – First reason is for marketing, the feeling of having the package promotion tend to attract people more.  Second would be the preparation time; lunch crowd looks for quick lunch.  It is easier for the restaurant to pick out popular choices that take less time.  Third would be for clearing out the stock of ingredients since I have noticed that food quality is much lower at lunch than dinner time.  Thought I still wonder about the thoughts behind lunch sets, please share with me if you have experience managing restaurants.   

If a restaurant has a lunch set to offer, all of us resolutely order it without thinking.  Taihei Japanese restaurant at Banyan Tree has the lunch set and of course, I didn’t miss it.  My set was the Sashimi and my mom was the Salted grilled Saba.  In set, appetizer and side veggies are included.  All were presented nicely but the taste wasn’t anything exciting.  Despite the fact that my Sashimi was all domestic fish, all had good quality and tasted delicious.  My mom liked her grilled saba.  She said that the portion was large and tasted yummy.  The lunch set at Taihei also included desserts; we had ice-cream and fruits, which were ordinary – you can see in the photos.  I knew that the lunch set couldn’t fulfill my appetite, so I ordered the most expensive Sushi assortment to see the dinner quality.  Please see the photo, I will give about 8 out of 10 for freshness.  Many stand alone Japanese restaurants in Bangkok offer much better fish.  Honestly, I think nowadays restaurants in five star hotels are overpriced and can’t compete with the quality of standalones.  Do you agree? 

Total damage of a fine lunch at Taihei was 1,900 baht after the discount.  It was well worth it for a Japanese lunch in the superior setting.  Without the discount, it would be too expensive.  Taihei @ Banyan Tree surely offers a great table service, beautiful atmosphere, and lovely plating but for some reason I thought that their fish quality could reach a higher standard.  Please share your thoughts with me.  My judgment is based on personal preferences.  

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