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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Bar The Restaurant by Moet & Chandon - Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok

The Bar The Restaurant by Moet & Chandon - European Restaurant and Wine Bar Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   2/5

The Bar The Restaurant on BumRes.com

To name a restaurant is not easy.  You would want it to be catchy and easy to remember.  The Bar The Restaurant is the name of this place, which I think it is awkward but sure it is so common that you would never forget.  Owned by a Thai celebrity, Mr. Fluke Kreakpol, it is quite an attractive restaurant to target the upper class customers or celebs.  Two stories restaurant has the Bar on the first floor and the Restaurant on the second floor.  This must be how the name came together – The Bar The Restaurant.  On the sign at the front, the name has a classy brand hanging after, which says Moet & Chandon - an expensive brand of Champagne.  I believe the top of the line champagne is available there for the Hi So folks.  This restaurant is location in the 24th Avenue, a small shopping complex in the Soi Sukhumvit 24.  Please let our map guide you.

The Bar The Restaurant @ Sukhumvit 24 mainly serves European dishes that are a merge of Italian and French cuisine.  There are plenty of choices to keep you browsing the menu, looking for your favorites.  The Bar The Restaurant offers promotional special daily.  Seven day – Seven different specials (soon to be modified).  I was there on Tuesday and the place had the Free Flow Italian Tapas and Wine for 999+ baht.  Seeing the wine list, I knew that the free flow of wine was a wonderful deal.  I heard many great things about this place.  I brought a couple of friends to enjoy the promotion with me. 

The Tapas menu at The Bar The Restauran is minimal, categorized by three main types; Cold Cuts & Cheese, Cold Tapas, and Hot Tapas.  There were about eight choices in each type.  About the free flow wine, the restaurant only had Red or White Wine to choose from.  Selected by the restaurant, the wine was quite nice.  I am not a wine expert but I enjoyed the free flow wine there like I never felt anywhere else before.  Personally Tapas choices were all delicious; some were better than others. I didn’t find one that I dislike.  My favorite one was the Grilled Zucchini marinated in olive oil, stewed beef cheek – best stew I have ever had, we had about six servings of this menu alone.  Next best choice wsa the Eggplant alla parnagars – the impression on this dish was similar to Lasagna.  But difference is the ingredients, made with; eggplants, flour, and cheese – all were great together.  Another yummy choice was the Calamari in Tomato sauce.  Just like a typical battered and deep fried calamari but the tomato sauce was amazingly delicious.  And other choices that we had that night, not mentioned, were pretty good too.    

To conclude, our dinner at The Bar The Restaurant by Moet & Chandon was greatly impressive.  All of the food was absolutely delicious, too good to be a buffet.  Service staffs were knowledgeable of the food and kindly serviced us throughout the meal.  Atmosphere of the retro and contemporary composition was elegant, overpoweringly presenting a classy interior environment.  Three out of four factors in critiquing a restaurant, The Bar and The Restaurant aced them; atmosphere, service, and food.  I must say that what I get in return for 999 baht couldn’t be greater.  I can only wish to get something like this at lower cost.  If The Bar and The Restaurant @ Sukhumvit 24 could grant my wish, it would be the greatest Godsend restaurant on the face of this planet. 

Hope you all like this place – if you go on a different day, please share with me the promotions you experience and how you like it.  

Feel free to leave a comment and you can also contact me via channels below.


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