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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Madison Steakhouse - Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok

Madison Steakhouse at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok - Ratchadamri Road

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

Madison Steakhouse at Four Seasons Bangkok on BumRes.com

Since my first visit for lunch at the Madison @ Four Seasons, I actually had been looking forward to going back there for dinner.  With all the rumors saying that Madison Steakhouse is great, this and that.  And especially how the CNNGO rated this fine steakhouse resided within one of the world’s finest accommodation, Four Seasons @ Bangkok to best the third best in the city, I really had to prove true myself.  Finally, the opportunity had come.  I was there for the exclusive dinner with a group of friends.  All of us were definitely excited about their top notch steak selections. 

The idea of going there for dinner started about a month ago, but our friends were busy.  Until this week, we managed to gather a few friends to join for the premium steak dinner at the Madison Steakhouse @ Four Seasons on Ratchadamri Road.  Entering the restaurant with a great excitement, I still had a high expectation of this meal at the Madison even though I was a bit upset with my lamb at lunch time.  This time I had a feeling that it was going to be great and it truly was fantastic.
Within the deluxe atmosphere of Madison, we were seated in a big round table centered in the dining room among the upper class guests of the Five Star hotel.  Variety of guests were there that night; a sweet couple spending romantic moments, business people impressing their guests, a family enjoying quality time, and us, a group of friends who love to eat good food.  Madison steakhouse is suitable for any special occasions, for everyone who seeks for high priced and high quality dining experience. 

Once we got comfortable in our seats, we waited no more.  Everyone’s attention was on the one page menu of the Madison@ Four Seasons.  In the list, we found a nice variety of starters, main dishes from the grill, fish and seafood specialties, “something different” (addition to please the non- beefeaters), and simple side dishes.  Since the occasion was special, we tried not to look on the right side of the menu.  For me, I slowly worked my way examining the menu from the top to the bottom.  With so many attractive choices, we each decided to order one starter and one main for everyone to share.  What a great idea!

While we waited, the complimentary bread was served.  Served warm, both white and wheat were equally pleasant with the light spread of butter.  Just before the starters arrive, we got another complimentary, a shot of beetroot yogurt.  Its sourness was strange but I assume it was meant to refreshen our palates. We had four choices of starters.  First one was the Blue Fin Tuna Tartar.  Its small portion turned this delightful starter into a precious one.  It was the second best starter.  Next up was the best one, the Roasted Foie Gras.  Served with raspberry jam, its charred skin held the great succulent of the buttery oil and the soft texture.  To have a tiny chunk on a piece of toasted thin bread with the raspberry jam, texture and taste merged into a priceless joy.  I highly recommend the Roasted Foie Gras @ Madison of Four Seasons!   We have two more appetizing choices to come.  Best presentation had to be the Witloof Salad with black forest ham, blue cheese and walnut dressing.  Witloof is for white leaf in dutch.  Its crispy texture was new to me.  Besides the mild dressing, I enjoyed the contexts much more; the ham, blue cheese, and walnuts.  Last of the appetizers was the Scallop cucumber Ceviche.  It was nicely done with the fresh ingredients and tasted very refreshing.  Each of the appetizers was uniquely prepared, so all of them were tasty in their own style. 

About time we get busy with our world’s class steaks.  Best one of the night was the Prime US Beef Rib Eye.  If you know the beef rating of the in the U.S., you would know that Prime is the best one.  Four main levels of the USDA beef are Prime, Choice, Select, and Standard.   The other three choices were the Australian Beef.  From the Grain Fed 150 days, we had the Strip loin 10oz and T-Bone 20oz.    And the other one was the Grain Fed 300 days Wagyu Marble No. 4 Tenderloin at 6 oz.  Besides the meat from the grill, the Madison Steakhouse also had from chicken to burger and from squid to lobster.  So, we also had something from the sea to break the ice.  It was the Grilled North Sea Scallops.  A total of four large sized Scallops; its freshness was nicely complimented with the garlic herb and chopped spinach.  However, this menu felt very much like an appetizer to us.  Our focus was prominently on the macho steak dishes.  By the way, we had a bottle of StoneFish Cabernet Savignon to compliment our fine meat.   

For meat lovers like us, seeing these steaks on the table was like a dream come true.  We asked for all of them to be medium rare and the chef perfectly grilled our meats to the exact doneness.  For the Rib Eye and Strip loin, both showed beautiful checkers.  As we carved into the steak, its stunning pinkish to redness tone was mouthwatering.   The 6oz of the Wagyu was just not enough.  It was the most flavorsome one of the night but it was just less tender than the Prime US Rib Eye.  Oppose to the Wagyu, our 20oz size T-Bone was just intimidating.  With its 1+ inch thickness, the meat was almost raw in the middle.  Alongside our premium quality steaks, we had a diverse choice of sauces and sides, which allowed us to enjoy our meal with different attitudes.  We had four different sauces; pepper, red wine, horseradish, and mushroom.   And on the table, we had onion rings, garlic mashed potato, baked potato, sautéed spinach, and steamed asparagus.  I personally liked the mashed potato and the asparagus with the red wine sauce over the steak.  All of the meat disappeared from our table and only left us a big belly and a big smile. 

Surprise, we still had room for the desserts.  How could I skip the signature dessert of the Madison, the Baked Alaska.   Coming to the table all covered in cream, the server poured flaming Rum over it.   The whole thing was on fire and burning to a great marsh mellow smell.  I was wondering what was inside.  I dug my way through the cream and there was vanilla ice-cream and a mix of fresh berries.  It was such as impressive dessert.  Honestly, I had never had anything like it before.  We had two more dessert.  Blended Nuts Tartlet with Chicory Licorice ice-cream – nice combination, both were great together, the tartlet and the ice-cream.  I liked it.  Last one was the Bread and Butter pudding.  Presentation was lovely.  It was good but I wasn’t as crazy about as much as the Baked Alaska. 

Well, I have come to a conclusion that the Madison Steakhouse officially impressed me with the delicious meal made up of top notch steaks, unique starters, and lovely desserts.  While treated with five-star table service in the elegant atmosphere, highlights were found in every course; the Foie Gras, the Prime Rib Eye, and the Baked Alaska.  These are the great choices that you can’t miss, if you had the chance to experience the Madison Steakhouse at Four Seasons.       

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