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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bei Otto German Restaurant - Sukhumvit 20, Bangkok

Bei Otto German Restaurant  - Sukhumvit 20 Bangkok - Draft German Beer, Bratwurst, Sauerkraut

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   2.5/5

Bei Otto - German Restaurant on BumRes.com

Bei Otto is a famous German restaurant of Bangkok (Is it because there aren’t many real German restaurants out there?).  Bei Otto is located in the Sukhumvit 20.  Parking is available at the Windsor Suites across the street.  The restaurant has indoor setting decorated with the German concept or is it Dutch, I am not so sure (My dad told me that it is like a countryside restaurant in Germany; he has been there twice).  Outdoor seating is also available for smokers. 

Service staffs were dressed in Bavarian style costume, similar to the Housemaid costume that Javmodels like to wear, lol… (Guys should know what I am talking about).  They serviced us superbly, constantly taking care of our table. 

Let’s get into the food at Bei Otto German Eatery.  Everything was very German.  Honestly, I had never eaten the real authentic German food before, besides the german pork hocks at Tawandaeng Brewery and Muchen Beer.  After seeing the menu, I think German cuisine somewhat shares a character of an American food, in terms of concept – not the actual contexts.  Meat and vegetable chunks on the plate – no so much delicacy applied to the presentation.  Bei Otto serves quite a variety, please see the details in the menu – mostly high priced.  No wonder majority of customers here are westerners. 

First to come to the table was some kind of soup that my brother ordered.  Actually I didn’t try it but my brother said that it was pretty good.  Second one was the Chef’s Salad.  For such a plain looking salad, the taste was much more meaningful.  And first main dish was the Bavarian Platter.  Served in a metal tray – there were sausages, pork hock, fried onions, and sour krout.  I loved the Pork hock; it was so crispy on the outside and tender in.  Sausages were delicious.  Second main dish was the Schnitzel Swabian Style.  I had never seen this kind of combination before.  With the messy look, it was really appetizing for some reason.  Basically it was baked pasta with cheese with fried pork on top and smothered in brown gravy.  It was surprisingly delicious; impressive German dish.                  

If you see the photos of the dessert, you probably assumed I was at Swensen’s or some typical ice-cream shop.  It was our American style – Blackforest Sundae and Ice-cream with waffle.  Bei Otto’s dessert is so so - nothing excites me.  Including a couple of beers, our bill at Bei Otto German cuisine was 3,300 baht, which was kind of pricey.  To get a unique experience, it was totally worth it.  I believe there are two more locations in Thailand; Pattaya and Thonglor.  

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