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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Extra Virgin Wine and Dining - Thonglor, Bangkok

Extra Virgin - Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, Thonglor - Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

Extra Virgin - Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Extra Virgin – a restaurant with a cool name that I have heard from a lady friend, commenting that their pasta is really awesome, blah blah blah… About six months ago, I was trying to find this place in the Sukhumvit 53, not knowing that it moved to the new location.  So, it didn’t happen that time.  Extra Virgin has relocated to the Thonglor road, in the H1 area.  This new home is much easier to find and parking is readily available. 

I thought that the Extra Virgin would serve the All Italian cuisine.  Actually they serve Thai and Italian fusion food in the modern atmosphere.  Many fusion restaurants have similarity in terms of atmosphere.  The overall design of Extra Virgin is very unique and stylish.  Resided underneath a mature tree is a basic block-shaped structure wrapped in glass windows and translucent ceiling to bring the natural setting to the interior.  Along with its playful and artistic interior decoration, the restaurant sets an attractive atmosphere to the lively young crowd.  To me, the place was intriguing – you can see the photos I took.  With the great atmosphere and the location, the average price was reasonable – not too expensive and not too cheap.  Please see more details in the tab menu as usual. 

Let’s kick off with the Japanese Salad with Sesame Dressing & Salmon for 220 baht.  Its appearance and taste weren’t anything special to me.  It was just a simple salad that had too few pieces of the salmon.  The dressing was just too sour.  Second dish was also an appetizer – the Rocket Salmon with Spicy Dressing for 275 baht.  When I first saw the dish, I was kind of upset with the portion. Emm…lip smacking good was my impression.  Ingredients were similar to the first appetizer but the different was the spicy dressing meant everything to this deliciousness. The dressing really brought everything to life at Extra Virgin @ Thonglor.   

After getting the appetite with the salad, I was ready for the Pastas.  We had two types.  First was the Spaghetti bacon with chili and garlic for 195 baht.  This one was done Thai style, a popular seasoning for the fusion restaurant.  Extra Virgin did a great job, unlike the dried ones I have had elsewhere.  The second Pasta was the Spaghetti cream sauce with truffle oil for 325 baht.  The first impression was wow; could it be any more oily?  For girls who care about cholesterol, this menu will definitely scare them away.  To me, it was edible but it really should be less oily.  The mushroom was also too bland; it needed some kind of a glazing flavors.     

The last menu at the Extra Virgin was the main course – the Grilled Sea bass with lemon- caper white sauce for 325 baht.  Presentation was simple; the grilled sea bass was big and it looked so appetizing with the char and the nuts on top.  As good as it appeared, the fish had perfect texture; with the slight crisp at the skin.  However, I didn’t like the veggies on the side so much.  The long beans and carrots were meaningless on the plate.  I expected the Extra Virgin to do better than this.     

My dinner at the Extra Virgin was just enjoyable.  I liked the atmosphere and the service.  For the food, it was below my expectation because my friend bragged about how great it was; this and that.  However, don’t get me wrong; the Extra Virgin is perfect to sit down and enjoy a delightful cocktail while nibbling on the fusion food in the so chill concept of inside and outside environment.  Check it out for yourself – Extra Virgin @ H1, Thonglor   

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