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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kitchen Hush Japanese Restaurant - Chiang Mai

Kitchen Hush - Japanese Restaurant Chiang Mai 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

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If you noticed all the labels in the www.bumres.blogspot.com, it is unbelievable to see that the amount of Japanese restaurants that I have review is almost as many as Thai restaurants.  Japanese food is so popular in Thailand nowadays.  You will always find a Japanese restaurant everywhere you go; from a huge shopping mall to a tiny community mall.  It looks like the trend of Japanese restaurant fever has travelled to Chiang Mai already.  I have noticed so many Japanese restaurants driving around the city.  This review is on the Kitchen Hush, a Japanese restaurant in Chiang Mai.  But, the different is that this place is not opened because of regularity – the Kitchen Hus has been around in Chiang Mai for many years.  

The Kitchen Hush Japanese restaurant @ Chiang Mai is in an old house converted into a restaurant.  There are two stories; first floor has about five smaller tables and a bar with seating and the second floor has the private rooms.  I recommend to make a reservation ahead of the time to be safe.  On my visit, the place was pretty much full.  Fortunately I got a table.  Food at Kitchen Hush is real authentic Japanese with an slight emphasis on being a traditional Izakaya.  This place has all kinds of Japanese specialties you can think of, such as deep fried goodies, sashimi, bento sets, rice bowls, beer snacks, etc.  Price is reasonable.     

I ordered three items.  First one was the assortment Sashimi, largest set of the Kitchen Hush for only 390 baht.  At first I didn’t expect much due to the low price.  In Bangkok, Sashimi set at this price can only be a small portion with less than 10 pieces.  I was stunned to see it coming to the table; I thought it was served to the wrong table.  I counted and there were 24 pieces, which could be priced around 1200-1500 baht in Bangkok.  The selections in the set weren’t the pricey ones but it was definitely worth more than 390 baht.  In the set, Hamachi was the most expensive one.  The rest were standard picks, which were Agami, Salmon, Sea Bass, and Tai fish.  The Kitchen Hush in Chiang Mai actually had quality fish.  All of them were quite fresh.   

Second set was the Unagi over Japanese rice for 390 baht.  Again, the portion was so impressive.  The size of the eel was big, bigger than the bowl.  I mean the taste may not match the premium Japanese restaurants in Bangkok but compared to the chain Japanese restaurants, it was about the same grade but priced much lower.  Lastly, the set Hush A, consisted of the grilled Saba with miso sauce and stir-fried pork in soy and more.  For only 240 baht, this set was also another big bang for the bucks.  With only 240 baht to spend at any typical Japanese places, I could probably only get just the grilled fish and a bowl of rice.  The Kitchen Hush added a package of the pork in soy and other sides as well.  It was my mom’s order; she said that everything in the set was delicious.

The meal totaled to 1,120 baht with a bottle of beer and there was no vat or service charge.  You will never find such a bargain for quality Japanese food anywhere else.  Kitchen Hush @ Chiang Mai may not serve the most delicious Japanese food but the food definitely reached a good standard.  Customer service was also great.  I must highly recommend this restaurant to all of you, who are living or visiting Chiang Mai.    

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