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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gianni's Ristorante Italian Restaurant - Soi Tonson, Bangkok

Gianni's Ristorante Fine Italian Restaurant - Soi Tonson, Bangkok

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Gianni Ristorante @ Soi Tonson is an aged Italian restaurant that has been around for at least a decade along with the Zanotti @ Saladaeng.  Just like any other Italian restaurant, this fine Italian joint has the special lunch sets to offer.  Among the Bangkok restaurateurs, the Gianni is renowned to be an impressive choice for an upscale Italian restaurant in town.  So, it should be okay for me to have a high expectation on this lunch.   

Within the luxurious interior design of the Gianni, there are abstract paintings nearly all over the wall.  Every table was set up with the complete choice of utensils and tableware.  This place was composed with stylish elements to make it a fine spot for executive lunching experience.  
My intention was mainly on the lunch menu.  Selections were minimal just like any typical fine Italian restaurants.  To be honest, I thought that the price would be more expensive for a restaurant of this class.  The lunch set at Gianni Ristorante has two different choices; 2 course set for 390 baht and 3 course set for 470 baht.  There were quite a bit of choices; six choices for appetizer, eight choices for main course, four choices for dessert.  Many more than many upscale Italian restaurants I have been to.  I got to take a look in the dinner menu and there were about 20 – 30 items.  Please view in the tab menu for more details.      

In the party of three, we ordered so much food for such a lunch, three three-course sets, one two-course set, and one main course from the a la carte menu.  First of the four appetizers was the Caprese salad.  My friend ordered it because it is his favorite menu at all Italian restaurants.  The look was different that most Caprese salad.  I tried a little bit and I thought it was nothing special.  My friend also didn’t have any good impression about it.  My choice of appetizer was the Lobster Bisque, which was so ordinary.  Third appetizer was the thin sliced roast suckling pig with capsicum& crispy bread.  Presentation of this dish was amazing but the suckling pig wasn’t anything like the suckling pig I know.  Basically it was just thin slices of ham with little to no flavor.  Lucky we had the chopped veggies with light sweet and sour sauce complimented the meat well.  Last of the appetizer, Shrimps & Avocado Timbale, which was the best one of all.  Served chill, the shrimp and avocado blended together in the slightly tangy dressing to a nice harmony.   

For three people we have five main course dishes, a lot of food! First to serve was the homemade egg fettuccine with authentic Bolognese sauce.  The look was just like any typical pasta; the taste was not bad at all.  Portion was satisfying.  Meat sauce was succulent over the fettuccine pasta.  Next up was the grilled filet of local sea bass with tomato olive sauce.  I must say that the arrangement was attractive but altogether looked dry.  Only sauce was the thick tomato sauce where the fish was sitting on; it tasted quite simple.  The fish was nicely grilled but without the sauce, it would be pretty boring.  Third dish was the Roast chicken roll stuffed with ham and mushrooms.  My friend liked this one; it was chicken rolled with ham and mushroom, which was very tasty and tender.  The gravy was definitely a great touch to this dish.  Fourth one was the Deep fried seafood & vegetables.  To be honest, this assortment of seafood was like scraps of seafood, battered and deep fried.  Tempuras at Japanese restaurants are much better.   Last one of all was from the a la carte menu, Lamb shank braised in red wine and vegetables matched with grilled polenta.  In another word, this dish can be called the Ossobuco, which has always been my favorite menu at every Italian restaurant.  Its appearance wasn’t anything breathtaking.  Small chunks were nice and tender.  But I thought that the stew sauce was a bit too salty.  So much for the lunch at Gianni @ Soi Tonson but only a couple of dishes that actually impressed me and my friends.  

We were pretty full by this time and we still had three dessert choices coming.  There were Tiramisu, Ice-cream cake with raspberry sauce, and light apple cake & vanilla ice-cream.  All of them were lovely presented and all had delightful taste.  Personally I like the Ice-cream cake with raspberry sauce the most.  My friends liked the Tiramisu.  The apple cake was just so so. 

Gianni Ristorante @ Soi Tonson is a long time existed Italian restaurant.  Their menu must be a homemade style or more traditional one, which in my opinion it wasn’t as unique as many other new Italian restaurants like the Primavera @ thonglor or La Bottega@ Sukhumvit 49.  Well, it is hard to compare I guess since my experiences at these two restaurants mentioned were at dinner time.  However my lunch experience at Gianni Ristorante @ Soi Tonson wasn’t all that bad.  For the three course set for 470 baht, it was a worth it to meet someone for business and enjoy a simple executive lunch in the upscale atmosphere with the top notch table service.   


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