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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beer Capital European Fusion - Srinakarin, Bangkok

Beer Capital - European Restaurant and Draft Beer - Srinkarin, Bangkok

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

Beer Capital - European Dining and Draft Beer on BuMRes.com

The name, Beer Capital tells a lot about the place.  It couldn’t be anything else besides a brewery or a pub and restaurant.  This place mainly serves draft beer.  Many places like this usually serve beer and snack food like HOBS, for example.  Beer Capital actually has more than just snacks, they serve full meals (and perhaps no desserts, only the hearty eats).  The location is easy to find; at the bottom of the Condominium Four Wings.  The building is noticeable at the Krungthep Kreetha intersection.  You will see the two tall buildings; one is hotel and the other is condo.  Beer Capital is at the Condo building.

When I first heard the name, I imagined the Beer Capital @ Srinakarin to be a huge place with live band and the hectic crowd.  It was the complete opposite; the place was beautiful with classy interior decoration, rather small with only about 10 tables and soft music playing, very much like a place for grownups (or older crowd).  The Beef Capital serves European fusion food.  I was so surprised to see the food prices in the menu; this place is cheaper than restaurants I usually go to in the metropolitan area.  Please see more details about the food and beer in the tab menu.

Between bottled and draft beers, I always go for the draft beers regardless of the brand.  At Beer Capital, they have almost all the beer selection you can name (on this planet only).  If you go there before 19.30, the place has the buy one get one free including the following; Stella, Hoegaarden, Weihenstephaner, and Guinness.  In the four choices, I rarely find the promotion for the Hoegaarden anywhere.  I love Hoegaarden so much.  With this promotion, my beer was only about 120 baht.  Cheapest Hoegaarden I have ever had, so I had a few to take advantage of the special.   

The food at Beer Capital @ Srinakarin, I had no idea which ones were the signature dishes.  Among a group of friends, we ordered about 10 dishes.  I must say that all of them were enjoyable.  All had beautiful and appetizing presentation like what you will find in nice European restaurants.  Each of them had large portion, much more than the price.  I will only talk about the ones I liked in this meal.  The baked spinach with cheese was so big for only 120 baht; see photo.  I have had about the same size but cost about 200 baht.  The taste was surely acceptable but not as great as the All European restaurants in hotels.  Other dishes we had were the Lasagna Beef for 190 baht; served hot with melted cheese, it was simple and savory as a whole.  Next one was the Pizza Tom Yum Goong for 260 baht.  The pizza wasn’t big enough for the huge shrimp.  This one tasted unbelievably great.  Up next was the German Pork Hock for 360 baht, a typical menu to enjoy with a cold European beer.  Again, the size was bigger than other places.  Last one of the favorites was the BC Chicken for 220 baht.  It was a deep-fried dark meat with a spicy and salty sauce, another hearty menu to pair with the Hoegaarden. 

To conclude, the Beer Capital is a great place for lounging with closed friends to chitchat while enjoying the international selection of draft beer at good prices.  Or to dinner the tasty European fusion in the relaxing atmosphere and drink your favorite beer.  Customer service wasn’t a problem there.  The Beer Capital has all the essential elements that a fine restaurant should have, so why shouldn’t I put this place in my favorite list, don’t you think?

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