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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rain Tree Cafe Sunday Brunch - Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok

Rain Tree Cafe - Plaza Athenee Hotel, Bangkok International Buffet Sunday Brunch - Lobster Maine

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   5/5

Rain Tree Cafe - Sunday Brunch on BuMRes.com

Last month I visited the Sunday (Jazzy) Brunch at the Sheraton Grande @ Sukhumvit and this month I got to review another Sunday Brunch at Rain Tree Café @ Plaza Athenee.  This restaurant is just like other restaurants in five star hotels, open for business all day long – almost around the clock.  Buffet in the morning and moon.  I am not sure if they have buffet at dinner time or the Saturday brunch.  The name of the Sunday Brunch is the Lobster (Maine Lobster), which is available for you at no limit.  Enormous size and served grilled – I have only seen cold ones at Dusit Thani and Sukhothai.  Other hotel restaurants, I am not sure if they have this kind of lobster. 

The price of this Sunday Brunch is no joke - 3,000 baht.  On my visit, there were so many people.  I wonder if they came because of the SCB credit card 50% discount promotion like me or not?  Honestly, I wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t have the SCB card.  The Sunday brunch started right at noon.  There were many people waiting for the place to open up when I got there just before the restaurant open.  70% of customers were Thai and the rest were expats.  Line buffet of the Rain Tree Café had quite a diverse selection.  Please see the photos to get the idea.  It was the prime minister Election Day, so there was no alcohol serving on that day.  The price was reduced to 1,360 baht net.  

My favorite choice was the expensive stuff; Foie Gras and Lobster.  We could leave the number for the food that we wanted and it will be served to your table, which was very convenient (At Sheraton, we had to dish ourselves).  Other selections that I liked were the Sashimi; Hamachi, Salmon, Saba.  All were fresh and tasted great.  Everything else wasn’t as good as the Sheraton Grande Sunday Brunch such as the Italians (by the famous Rossini) and cold seafood.  Compared to other luxurious hotel buffets, the Lobster buffet is better than most but not as great as the Sunday Jazzy Brunch at the Sheraton Grande.       

Speaking of the atmosphere, I liked it here more than the Sheraton.  With its large high ceiling dining hall, the place was much more comfortable and the line buffet wasn’t located far from seating area.  Customer service of both places were just as great.  At Rain Tree café, servers were really attentive; refilling water and clearing out dishes.  I also liked the leave number to serve service, which was simple and convenient.  I didn’t have to carry too many plates to my table like a greedy person.    

My overall experience at the Sunday Brunch of Rain Tree Café @ Plaza Athenee was impressive – worth it, if you could use the 50% promotion.  To compare this place and the Sunday Jazzy Brunch at Sheraton, I must say that both of them have competitive qualities and each has their own specialties.  If I were the judge, I would give a point higher to the Rain Tree Café for their Lobsters and the atmosphere.  Please kindly share your thoughts, I would love to hear about your experiences.      

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