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Thursday, July 12, 2012

W by Wanlamun Thai Fusion and Bakery - Chiang Mai

W by Wanlamun - Thai Fusion Restaurant and Bakery Shop - Chaing Mai 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   5/5

W by Wanlamun Thai Fusion Restaurant and Bakery Shop on BumRes.com

The W by Wanlamun – in Thai, wanlamun means subtle sweetness.  Speaking of this name, I have heard it for about two years (during the time the business started).  But, I had missed this place every time I had gone to Chiang Mai.  On this trip to Chiang Mai of spring 2012, I had to go there.  And W by Wanlamun was the eighth restaurant review of the trip, which was the last one of my short three-day trip in Chiang Mai. 

By hearing just the name, many of you may think that it is a bakery shop or a sweet tooth café but it isn’t.   The W by Wanlamun serves a full meal, Thai fusion style cuisine with the lovely plate decorations to please the young Thais and foreign visitors.   A kind of culinary creation that you will find there is something like the Pasta with Thai flavors.  The W by Wanlamun serves lunch and dinner but if you want to go there for the easy tea sipping, you can go all day.  Details of the menu at W by Wanlamun, I have written and posted to the tab menu for your viewing already.  Please suit yourself. 

I didn’t order many dishes since I was with my mom on this trip.  We ordered four dishes, which were all recommended by the server.  I can guarantee you that food servers were so well trained; good manner, polite, and attentive, like a five star service.  The gal had a great sale character like she was the owner or perhaps she could earn commission.  She was cheering me to order this and that but she was that pushy at all; her enthusiasm impressed me greatly.  Well, let’s talk about the food.  First dish was the Pomelo Salad for 140 baht.  A interest fruit salad with natural sweet and tangy flavors from the Pomelo; a good start to build the appetite.  Despite the taste, its charm was the presentation, W by Wanlamun made it look really attractive, especially with the carved quail eggs.    

Second dish was the one – Spaghetti in shrimp paste for 190 baht.  It was super delicious, perhaps one of the best I ever had, Italian with oriental style.  The pasta noodles were served al dante with perfect texture.  Thick savory sauce soaked the spaghetti to the word – Awesome!  I didn’t know what to say because my mouth was full with saucy noodles.  Grilled shrimps were great together, its contrasting colors to the yellow spaghetti was like a piece of art.  Every bit of this dish was just amazing.  I highly recommend it – A Must Have Dish! 

Third dish was the Fried rice with deep-fried sundried beef accompanied by Thai papaya salad for 130 baht.  Eating the rice by itself, you will enjoy this menu a certain way but to enjoy the rice with the papaya salad, the experience was one of a kind – the tastiness of the two were complimenting each other to an increased level of pleasure.   How did they come together? I don’t know.  I only know that the fried rice and the papaya salad were destined to FIN.  

Lastly, the fourth dish –  a yummy Thai menu, Hot and Spicy stir-fried beef with cumin leaves for 175 baht.  This menu reminded me of the Pad Kra Pow but with a load more aromatic herbs.  It even tasted exactly like the typical Pad Kra Pow.  However the scent of Thai herbs altered the experience to a more appetizing dish.  I also enjoyed it very much.   

After four dishes, my mom and I were already quite stuffed.  We had to think twice before we finally ordered the cake as a dessert.  I didn’t know what it was exactly.  The slightly sweet cream squeezed on top posed elegantly and eased out the crispiness of the bakery as well as adding a texture to the cream while sensing its prominent role.  

The wonderful Thai fusion meal presented by the W by Wanlamun was unique and definitely enjoyable.  I would like to suggest this fine restaurant to everyone who is visiting Chiang Mai.  I loved every aspect about this place; the food, the service, the atmosphere, and the price.  

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