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Thursday, July 12, 2012

OPUS Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant - Silom, Bangkok

OPUS - The Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant - Silom, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   2/5

Opus - Italian Wine Bar and Restaurant on BumRes.com

The OPUS – Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant is another targeted restaurant inspired by the ranking of CNNGO.  The main attraction was the Ravioli Ripieni Al Foie Gras – second most delicious Pasta of Bangkok.  The OPUS is on the Pann Road, accessible from both Silom or Sathorn Road.  Traveling by BTS, get off on Surasak Station and only a short walk to get to the OPUS.  If driving is your convenient choice, valet parking is available for you. 

The OPUS is an Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant – its dining hall on the first floor alone can seat up to 20 tables.  I believe the second floor has private dining rooms available upon requests.  Being a Wine Bar, the OPUS is decorated with elements involving with wine such as Wine barrel, corks, wine glasses, etc.  Their wine list is quite expansive; all of them came from Italy.  If you are a wine lover, this spot is meant for you.  Too bad that I didn’t like their House Wine, cost 290 baht.  Food selection at OPUS is traditional authentic Italian dishes, divided in proper Italian categories.  Details of the menu is available for your viewing in the tab menu, please suit yourself.

We started the meal with three types of Pasta.  We heard that their Pastas are great, so we didn’t care for any appetizers, soups, or salads.  The first is the Ravioli Ripieni Al Foie Gras for 490 baht – the awarded dish by CNNGO.  Ravioli stuffed with Foie Gras, with sprinkles of truffle and drizzles of strawberry sauce; the presentation was surely mouthwatering.  With high expectation, this menu was delicious but it wasn’t anything breathtaking.  I must say that the portion was too small.  A friend that I was with told me that there is another Italian restaurant serving this menu with more foie gras and also delicious; I can’t remember the name though.  The Second Pasta was the Tagliatelle al Funghi con Salsiccia for 390 baht.  It was the Tagliatelle with truffle sauce and Italian sausage.  Its appearance was messy and appetizing but the taste was ordinary good.  The impression was like the first pasta.  Third dish was the Scialatielli al Ragu for 390 baht.  I have never heard the name of this pasta ever before.  The pasta was smothered in Ragu of Aussie lamb, carrot, and onions.  Again, it didn’t impress us as much as it should according to the CNNGO.     

We have two main course dishes.  First one was the Ossobuco or the braised baby lamb in red wine for 660 baht.  Personally I like this menu and I have had it a few times.  Ones I had elsewhere had much larger portion compared to the OPUS Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant.  Fortunately its superb taste saved the day, otherwise I would be frustrated. OPUS’s Ossobuco was the best I ever had.  Especially the side of Saffron Risotto coming together, it was so delicious that it could be a Risotto dish by itself.  Second main course was the Branzino al Sauvignon Blanc for 390 baht.  Basically it was Sea Bass grilled with herbs and Sauvignon Blanc.  For some reason I sensed the smelly seafood odor but surprisingly the herb seasoning was so wonderful and delicious that it made this menu the best one of the meal.    

After five Italian dishes at OPUS, we were only half way impressed.  Part of disappointment was the portion.  We were still hungry so we ordered three desserts to wrap up the dinner; Tiramisu (190 baht), Chocolate Lava (280 baht), and Affogato al Limoncello (220 baht).  I highly recommend the Tiramisu at OPUS Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant.  It was extremely delicious above my standard (a Tiramisu lover).  I could say that it was one of the best Tiramisu I have ever had in my life.  Second dessert was the Chocolate Lava, also an enjoyable one.  However, this one had nothing to compete with the Tiramisu.  Third one was also heavenly good – basically, it was a chocolate ice-cream with Limoncello (lemon liquor).  The strong scent of alcohol astoundingly compliments the chocolate ice-cream to an classic harmony.  If it wasn’t a pricey dessert, I would like to get more buzz from the Affogato al Limoncello, lol… 

A night out at the OPUS Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant @ Silom ended elegantly with the outstanding desserts.  Majority of customers at OPUS is expat.  I wonder if they feel the same about the okay Pastas and delish desserts.  All in all, with the romantic atmosphere, this place is perfect for a special occasion to sip on wine and enjoy the authentic Italian specialties.  Service was great, nothing to be blamed.  This is an issue of personal preference; I would like to hear from you about the 2nd Best Pasta rated by CNNGO.      

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