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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

39 Bistro French Restaurant - Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok

39 Bistro French Restaurant Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

39 Bistro - French Bistro on BumRes.com

The 39 Bistro is a French restaurant.  I assumed that the name came from the location, being in the Manor development of the Sukhumvit 39.  Within this real estate development, many of you may have already heard of the Bankara Ramen, best spot for ramen.  The 39 Bistro is a really luxurious French restaurant with the top of the line interior decoration.  The owner of 39 Bistro was really friendly, welcomed all the guests, recommended some good dishes to us, and even served us several complimentary dishes. 

The food of Bistro 39 is mainly French Cuisine.  Selection in the menu is minimal and I was also told that the menu will change soon.  The menu of my visit is already in the tab menu as usual.  I am sorry to say that the food at 39 Bistro was ordinary.  In terms of flavoring, I wasn’t so impressed.  From the appetizer section, I had the fried onions, Truffle soup, and Mango with Parma Ham.  The last one was the weirdest looking menu but the most delicious appetizer. 

From the main dish section, I ordered four dishes.  All of them had similarities, which was the meat on top of mash potatoes with a side of veggies.  One choice that was kind of different was the Sea Bass that was actually on top of green beans.  The last main dish that I mentioned was the best of all.  Dishes with the mash potatoes were Sirloin, Lamb, and Lamb Stew; all of them were very simple and ordinary, nothing breathtaking that impressed me at all.  After all the starters and the main dishes, we were still unsatisfied.  So, we ordered the Duck Confit, which was also simple and boring but the attractive presentation was better than the first main dishes. 

We never missed the sweet treat.  Our choices were the Apple Crumble and the Almond Crème Brulee.  Both of our desserts were more impressive than the main course – good portion.  All in all, the 39 Bistro French restaurant impressed me greatly with the atmosphere and the service.  For the food, 39 Bistro still needs some improvement.  I assumed that the restaurant was concentrating more on selling the buffet and the chef got too used to making the buffet grade food which acquired less effort.  In any restaurants, all A la carte dishes must have higher quality than the buffet.  Whoever has been to the 39 Bistro French restaurant at The Manor, please share your experience with me.  

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