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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ruenrose Thai Restaurant - Sammakorn Village, Bangkok

Ruenrose Thai Restaurant - Sammakorn Village, Bangkok - Lakeside

Overall Score  10/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   3.5/5

Ruenrose Thai @ Sammakorn on BumRes.com

Today I just went to a restaurant in the outer edge of Bangkok – The Ruenrose, located inside the Sammakorn Village.  My friend who lives around there recommended me.  He said that Ruenrose has been his regular spot for him and his girlfriend for a few years already.  Being in the zone of restaurant at Lakeside, the Ruenrose offers a wonderful atmosphere along the water shore.  I also heard that this area used to have more restaurants but Ruanrose @ Sammakorn became popular and attracted all the customers until a few restaurants around the area went out of business.  Ruanrose has both air conditioning seating and outdoor seating.  I sat inside to enjoy the live music.  A soft acoustic Thai music, very laid back atmosphere. 

Ruanrose mainly serves Thai food with a great variety of choices.  I didn’t know what to order, so I just let my friend do all the ordering.  We ordered four dishes. 

First one was the Muak Kai Nueng Manao or Squid in lime sauce (250 baht), served in the metal pan with the flame keeping the broth nice and hot through the meal.  The squid also had eggs, chopped into bite size.  A spoonful of the broth and the squid expressed the greatness of seafood with the intense spicy and tangy balance.  Delicious!

Second is the Moo Pah Pad Ped or Spicy wild pork stir-fried (150 baht) – beautiful presentation and tasted amazing.  Highly recommend if you can take the heat. 

Third is recommended by the Ruanrose – Lon Poo Kai or Crab in white bean curd paste (350).  The dish may look small in the photo but it was a huge bowl.  Mildly sweet and savory paste held up the natural flavor of the crab well.  Served with steam veggies, perfect altogether.  It is a great dish to be in the recommendation.

Fourth dish was the Krapong Tod Nampla or Deep fried Sea Bass in fish sauce (0.8 kg for 320 baht).  Beautifully done – just how I like it.  The fish was fresh and fried to perfect crispiness.  In my memory, this menu was best at Laem Charoean Seafood.  Oh, Ob Aroi also serves this menu deliciously done.  

The bill totaled to 1,400 baht with service charge.  I admit that the price is considered high for a restaurant in the urban area of Bangkok.  But to me, the meal at Ruanrose was well worth it.  I rather eat at a place like this than finding a cheaper place with not delicious food.  Ruanrose is one of the great Thai restaurants in my heart.  I personally recommend this restaurant to all of you.  I promise that you will be impressed.  If you live far, don’t fall in love to Ruanrose like I do because the addiction will cost you some gas for the trip! 

Update:  I just went there again recently.  I was with a party of three.  We order a lot of food; 7 dishes and 2 desserts.  All of the dishes were different from the first visit.  One of the dishes that impressed me the most was the Baked Ox tongue (250 baht) – so good that I would choose this dish over the grilled ox tongue at premium Japanese Teppanyaki.  The perfectly thick cuts baked to create an awesome tenderness.  It literally melted in my mouth.  Other dishes that we had this visit were all delicious to Ruanrose’s standard (higher than most Thai restaurants).  One comment on the Choo Chee Kungnang (Shrimp in red curry stir-fried)  - for 250 baht, the size of the shrimps was too small.  That’s it really.  So, have you gone to Ruanrose already? 

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