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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Grill Tokyo Japanese Restaurant - Siam Paragon, Bangkok

The Grill Tokyo - Japanese Restaurant, Siam Paragon, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

The Grill Tokyo - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Nippon Tei means Japanese restaurant, which is a brand that owns several high end Japanese restaurants.  The Grill Tokyo – Japanese Urban Dining is under the management of the Nippon Tei.  To be honest, having a meal at this restaurant was like a dream come true.  When I was a college student, I couldn’t afford this place.  And after graduated and started working, I still couldn’t afford.  Until I found the Lunch Special at budget price of 360++ baht, I can finally afford to try it.  

The Lunch Set at the Grill Tokyo serves four courses with about five or six selections in each course.  European style is what I call it – how extravagance for such a budget priced lunch.  I noticed that some choices in the set lunch are found in the a la carte menu as well but the price is more than the whole lunch set by itself  (I am not sure about the difference; quantity or quality?).  I wish for quantity because I want wouldn’t mind eating less of the premium quality.  Menu at the Grill Tokyo changes seasonally, so don’t expect to find the same menu when you go back for a second visit.  Main dishes in the menu – many people say that it is overtly expensive, this and that (I had the same impression).  But, now that I got to examine the menu closely, the price isn’t different than other premium Japanese restaurants at all.  Please see in the tab menu to get the idea.  

Usually when I go out to eat with my friends, we always share everything so we get to try the variety.  We didn’t cooperate this time so we ended up repeated one item for each course.  At this price, I didn’t expect much from the set lunch at the Grill Tokyo.  But, I couldn’t believe it – our appetizers and main dishes had outstanding quality and tasted incredible.  Best one was the Hamachi in the vinegar sauce.  Grilled saba with soy glazing was delicious.  And the chirashi bowl with salmon and otoro.  All of our selections were delectable, more valuable than any of us had in mind.  Since the lunch sets were nice and cheap, I had to order something extra.  Uni was our selection.  Uni can reveal the freshness of the restaurant’s seafood.  If the Uni is not fresh, the taste is going to be horrible.  The Grill Tokyo served the Uni with the greatest flavor, so fresh and so sweet, not smelly at all.  However, the desserts were a great disappointment.  We had random choices of custard and pudding.   

Our bill at the Grill Tokyo totaled to about 2,000 baht.  The Platinum of The Mall Group can give 10% discount.  The Lunch set at the Grill Tokyo was definitely worth it – for 360 baht with four courses.  Quality and flavors were actually good and enjoyable.  If you were to look for dishes outside the Lunch set, be careful with your pocket, lol… not that bad actually if you carefully pick the right ones.   Even if you had to pay the high price, you will be impressed with what you get anyways.  For lunch at Grill Tokyo, you may have to fight with the crowded setting sometimes.  Second floor dining area is also available on a busy day.  

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