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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cafe Tartine French Cafe - Athenee Residence, Bangkok

Cafe Tartine - French Cafe at Athenee Residence, Bangkok - BTS Ploenchit

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Cafe Tartine - French Cafe on BumRes.com

Personally I am not a morning person so I usually eat the lunch as my first meal.  The Café Tartine is located at the Athenee Residence near the famous Hyde & Seek – Gastro Bar.  It only serves breakfast and easy food French style (owner is a French).  Interior is decorated with French writing all over.  On my visit, there were Thai customers as well as Expats.  As I stepped into the Café Tartine on the Visaka Bhucha day with the cloudy sky, I felt like I was going into a Café in France – so amazing.  

Food at the Café Tartine @ Athenee Residence, Soi Ruamrudee is main the morning food; Omelet, Sandwich, Salad, Crepes, and Tartine.  I never knew what Tartine was until I looked up on Google and learned that it was an Open Sandwich or a single face sandwich.  Price range of the food is reasonable for breakfast; about 150 -200 baht.  Besides the typical French breakfast, there are a couple of daily specials to keep customers coming back for something new.  

The first one was the Sandwich Pork Tenderloin (190 baht).  Thin slices of pork were nicely fitted right inside buns with some mayonnaise and mustard sauce.  It was such a big sandwich, so appetizing.  I knew it was going to be super delicious and it was really good.  Second dish was the Crepe Ham & Cheese (180 baht), which was looking pretty basic and it tasted so so, but still very enjoyable.   I have had better crepes at the Crepes & Co and French 2 Go.    

Third dish was the Half Grilled Chicken (199 baht).  When I first saw this dish, I thought of the Piri Piri, my favorite restaurant.  Café Tartine @ Athenee Residence presented it very similarly, with the small size chicken grilled with the slight tar and pour with the tasty sauce.  Too bad that the sauce didn’t get absorbed into the chicken much, which made the breast of this chicken sort of dry and tasteless without the sauce.  On the other hand, the wings with dark meat were delicious.  Last dish was the Omelet Ham & Cheese (180 baht).  The feel was very similar to any typical omelet you find at breakfast buffet in hotels.  The Café Tartine did it skillfully with the tight stuffing and of course, more delicious than the typical omelets.  In this meal, we finished off with the Chocolate Mousse (90 baht).  I didn’t like it very much but my friend liked it and he ate the whole thing all by himself.    

For my easygoing French breakfast @ Café Tartine was satisfying.  To me it was the breakfast style served at brunch.  Customer service was great since the owner was out to take care the customers throughout my meal.  Atmosphere is clean and simple.  There are both indoor seating with A/C and outdoor.  The café and homemade style food impressions made me feel very laid back and happy to hang out there early in the day before my day started.  The Café Tartine opens from 8am to 8pm, so for you all who work around here, it is a great place to grab a quick breakfast.   

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