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Sunday, July 15, 2012

99 Rest Backyard Cafe - Rama IX Rd., Bangkok

99 Rest Backyard Cafe - Thai Fusion Restaurant, Rama IX Rd., Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  5/5
Value   3/5

99 Rest Backyard Cafe on www.bumres.com

This is my third visit at the 99 Rest Backyard Café (first review, second review).  On this visit, I was with a few friends; total of seven people.  We ordered (only)about one or two dishes per person, lol…  Recent update, Chef Ian is no longer the shareholder of this restaurant or he is not taking charge at the site anymore (rumor).  So, prior to going I second thought about it hearing the rumors about Chef Ian.  Customer service and atmosphere were as good as ever before.  Now the 99 Rest Backyard Café has a western style BBQ set for 899 baht (one set per person).  For this set, we had to set outside.  It was so hot that day.  We got there about late afternoon.  We had to think twice about sitting outdoor to enjoy the BBQ in the garden setting.  We had come to a conclusion; we sat inside with the A/C blowing on our head.  It wasn’t a tough call actually, lol…   I just found out that 99 Rest Backyard Café can host a wedding.  I think, the backyard setting is perfect for an day time event if it was a nice day.  The place could probably hold up to about 200 guests.          

Okay – let’s talk about food at 99 Rest Backyard Café.  The menu stayed the same, with not so many selections; half of Thai specialties and the other is of the Westerner’s.  It must have been about a year since I came here.  At first I wonder if the price went up.  When I came back to input the menu, the price actually went up about 30 baht.  Please see the tab menu for details.  I didn’t update the price so bare with me and add the increase yourself. 

My great memory of the 99 Rest Backyard Café was the Moo Hong Fried Rice (210 baht).  So, I recommend it to all my friends.  We had four of the Moo Hong to share.  After a year, its goodness is still maintained.  However, it wasn’t as exciting as the first time (you know how it goes for first timers).  All my friends liked it very much.  Second dish was also a Thai dish – Plah Salmon or Spicy Salmon Salad.  The salmon pieces was rolled with a Greenleaf to a bite size; presentation was westernized but the taste was very Thai.  Too sour and too mild; I still enjoyed it.    

In this meal, we mostly ordered Thai dishes.  There were only two European dishes.  I’ll get to that.  Third dish was also a Thai dish; Shrimp oil Fried Rice (300 baht), done with huge Tiger prawn and served hot in a (volcanic stone) bowl.  This menu was lip smacking good; perfectly dry fried rice was flavorsome.  Fourth dish was the Gai Yang Bang Saen (210 baht).  It was a basic grilled chicken Thai style, tastefully presented.  Lower part of the chicken is always more juicy and delicious when properly seasoned.   Last of the Thai dishes was the Kang Ped Roast Duck.  Compliment is on the juicy and tender duck with crispy skin and all the variety of fruits and veggies.  Without all the contexts, the curry sauce would be meaningless because of its strange flavor.     

For our western menu, we have the Caesar Salad, a simple choice for customers.  But, the 99 Rest Backyard Café did it wonderfully for such a simple Salad; much better than Caesar salad I have had recently.  The other western menu was the Spaghetti meat sauce.  I didn’t get to each much.  My friend who ordered it said that it was pretty good.  All in all, our dinner at the 99 Rest Backyard Café was outstanding.  Tasty food, good service, spectacular atmosphere – The 99 Rest has every aspect that a fine restaurant should offer.  For some of you who may not live close to the Rama IX road, I would say that this restaurant is worth the drive.  And for you all living around there, it is a miss out if you haven’t experienced the 99 Rest Backyard Café @ RAMA IX Road. 

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