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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sui Kin Japanese Restaurant - Ploenchit Road, Bangkok

Sui Kin - Japanese Restaurant at Ploenchit Rd., Bangkok 

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4.5/5

Sui Kin - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

If you are thinking about an aged Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, this one may come to your mind – the Sui Kin.  As far as I know, the restaurant has been opened for over a decade.  This visit is the first time for me.  I have heard about this place for forever but never had the chance to come because of its hidden location.  Sui Kin is located in a tiny Soi near Ploenchit area that leads to a dead end.  So, for someone who didn’t set their mind into coming to this place, there is no way it could be a coincident.  Even me, who is determined to go, almost missed the Soi.  Driving on the Phoenchit road, look for the Krungsri Headquarter and the soi is right next to it.  Be sure to notice the sign, “Sui Kin” sitting on street side.  Parking is free – I didn’t get any timed ticket, so if you have to run errands around here, this might be a perfect place to leave your car for the day. 

Our destiny for my friends and I was to have the Set Lunch at Sui Kin @ Ploenchit.  My friend read a review (written about 5 years ago), their budgeted lunch set still cost the same.  But, the difference is that there is no dessert and coffee.  I really appreciate this kind of restaurant.  Unlike some chain restaurant with the Mountain as their logo, who up their prices every single year – and so many people still go there.  The Sui Kin offers variety choices of lunch sets.  Priced around 200-400 baht, you pretty much have all the choices you can think a Japanese place can offer you.  More detail is available for your viewing in the tab menu.

We began our lunch with the Sui Kin’s signature – the tofu creations.  We ordered the Light tofu (150 baht) and Milky tofu (90 baht).  First one looked very appetizing with the Ikura (salmon roe) but the taste wasn’t anything exciting.  The latter one was super delicious; my friends and I were fighting over it.  Whoever goes to Sui Kin, this Milky tofu (Tao Huu Nom Sod) is definitely a Must- Have. 

We order a total of five sets out of four choices available.  We doubled the Jo Nigiri Set (480 baht) because it was the most attractive one; it had the Chutoro, Ikura, Hotate, Anago, Salmon, and a few more – total of nine pieces.  At typical sushi shop, each bite could probably cost around 200 baht already.    How could we overlook the bargain? Only 480 for nine bites of top picks.  Everyone on the table (five people) agreed that all of them were great, more delicious than it cost. 

About the three other sets that we had, first one was the Gindara Udon Zen or grilled Snow fish with hot Udon (360 baht).  How could Snow fish be at this price?  Too good to be true.  Its appearance was simple; a fillet grilled and served with soy sauce.  I am not sure about the different grades of the Snow fish and the Gindara.  I believe Gindara is cheaper.  Anyways, this fish and the udon were great together.       

Second set was the Pan fried sliced beef rib eye with BBQ sauce set for 320 baht.   Out of all the selection, this set must be the most ordinary one.  It tasted good to an average standard.  Last set was the Beef hamburg wt with Ponzu sauce for 250 baht.  Servers told us at first that this menu would take a bit longer.  Well, it was worth the wait.  It was tasty and its happy size was just satisfying.   Impressive last lunch set at Sui Kin!

Our fine Japanese lunch at Sui Kin was impressive overall.  Food quality and taste may not match the ones of Premium Restaurants.  For the price we paid, we were all more than pleased to go back there once more.  For the elegant traditional Japanese atmosphere, I can say that Sui Kin served the greatest value lunch set in Bangkok.  You have to try it for yourself.  Go can also go there by BTS.   

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