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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bangkok's Biggest Brunch - Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Sukhumvit 22

Bangkok's Biggest Brunch At Imperial Queen's Park Hotel 

Parkview International Buffet - Imperial China Dim Sum Buffet - Kacho Japanese Restaurant Sushi Buffet

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

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How big could the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch get? Pretty big, I’d say.  With the great diversity in selections of international cuisine from 20 countries around the world, Imperial Queen’s Park boasts that their 300+ dishes offer at Sunday Brunch is the biggest one in Bangkok.  The whole experience comes in the form of restaurant running, where the big eaters can hop back and forth among the three signature restaurants within the fine accommodation of Bangkok, The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel in the Soi Sukhumvit 22. 

Nearest BTS station is the Prompong.  Stroll through the fancy retail shops of the Emporium and you are there at the Imperial Queen’s Park, home of the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch.  Best choice of transportation must be the BTS, so you can work the hunger to its peak as you get to the Brunch.  Or to think ahead, you will get to walk off all the food you plan to munch at the brunch.  I’m a big eater and I seem to have a good metabolism, so I drove there, lol…  Whatever floats your boat!  You can’t be like; Hey kids! Let’s hop on the bus, take the BTS, and walk 500m to have brunch today, so your mom can walk off her calories on the way home.  Forget the hassles!  Just take the car since parking is conveniently available – free if you get a stamp.

If you know me, I am the kind of person that could possibly take the most advantage out of a buffet like this one, the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch.  When I first heard the name, I got pretty excited about it.  Just like many other Thai people, we tend to enjoy buffets.  In fact, recently I have been addicted to a la carte buffets more than the self serve buffets.  For the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch, it was an exception.  To walk around choosing the food at the buffet, I felt like a girl going shopping.  Actually I was more like the ‘Shriek’ stumbling around and couldn’t make up his mind on what to choose.  I don’t mean that nothing was appetizing.  Everything was looking great.  I just didn’t know how to manage all the food I liked into my stomach.  Don’t get scared by the selections at the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch.  Variety is the charm at this combined buffet concept. 

Let me tell you a bit more about this Brunch.  I didn’t do much research prior to going there but I knew that the Buffet was made up of three restaurants.  When I got there I was directed to the Parkview, which is already one of the bigger Sunday Brunch in the city (I think).  I had a big question mark in my head – where are the other two restaurant?  Surprise!  Besides the Parkview at Lobby level, there were Imperial China Restaurant on 4th floor and Kacho Japanese Restaurant on 37th floor.  My first impression about the separation of the three was like whoa, whoa, and whoa - how fun! It reminds me of the bar hopping that I loved to do when I was in college, only the different was that this was seafood, wine, steaks, wine, dim sum, wine, sushi, dessert, and more sushi.  Yeah! The experience was quite joyful. 

At Parkview, I was a bit lost in translation with the culinary arrays from around the world.  I didn’t know how to properly handle all the food while concerning about sparing some room in my stomach for the favorite Dim Sum at the Imperial China and the Sashimi at the Kacho Japanese.  Finally I decided to go for the seafood section.  I had a little bit of top choices; Alaskan king crab legs, NZ Mussels, oysters, shrimps, and salmon.  These were fresh and tasty.  Moreover, I had some foie gras, a bite of the eggs benedict, grilled lambs, and several bite size cocktail foods.  All of them were alright; I didn’t fancy anything in particular.  The desserts looked so good but I was confused.  Should I do the sweets already?  Worrying about the Dim Sum and the Sashimi, I still did it anyways; some fondue and some dessert in shot glasses.  Great decision made there, they were delightful.  Throughout the first round of Buffet at Parkview, we had the soft core live music playing while the spacious atmosphere was getting more crowded and lively. 

Second round happened on the fourth floor, the Imperial China.  This place was packed when I got there.  Noisy and lively crowd wandering for buffets around the low ceiling restaurant with the dark wood tone furnishing, and random Chinese ornaments for some reason made the atmosphere very eclectic yet cozy.  The shark’s fin soup was a great start.  Then followed with several dumplings, roast duck, suckling pig, crispy egg rolls, back to dumplings, and more shark’s fin soup.  Two types of shark’s fin soup were served; dark naturally thickened broth and light broth with edible bamboo scrubs.  Both of them were amazing.  I liked the dark one more; you definitely can’t miss the good value choice at Imperial China.  A glass of red wine here and there; slightly tannic one was our choice.  It kept the good vibe continuing with the afternoon food trek.  I finished with a light traditional Chinese dessert, Gingko in warm coconut juice.  A nice cup of hot chrysanthemum tea was also wonderful for the stomach at this point in time.  I was ready for the next hop. 

Up to the 37th floor for third round buffet at the Kacho, its tall spanning window offered a picturesque view of Bangkok’s cityscape.  It was almost past the busy lunch time; the restaurant staffs still had the fresh refill coming out to the line buffet to keep the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch crowd happy to the very last minute.  Cold kitchen was the destination and we got a plate of sashimi assortment, typical choices; Salmon, Hamachi, Akami, Squid, and Saba.  I liked the Salmon, Akami, and Saba, so I had them the second time around.  Besides the Sashimi, various choices of beautifully rolled Maki were there for you to sample as well.  The private room was perfect for our group.  We even had the bell to call for service.  Similar selection of wine was also available at Kacho.  I also had some Tempura and Okonomiyaki.  Both were made fresh when I had them; good choices. BBQ on skewers were great too.  I was so full by this time.  I wrapped up with some Japanese dessert; mochi in red bean and strawberry sorbet and green tea ice creams.  It was a refreshing way to finish the eating spree for me and my friends.  We thought about going back to Parkview for desserts but we had to give up, we realized that we already had enough food for the day, lol…     

To be honest, you don’t have to be a big eater to go to the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch actually.  Just gather a group of closed friends to enliven the experience at the brunch; it starts at 11.30am and ends at 3pm, so take your time to nibble a little bit of everything you find appealing to you.  Keep the wine flowing, chit chat with your company, and think as if you were attending the world’s cuisine sampling journey.  During this Sunday Brunch, I was fond of the Imperial China the most; the great taste and the good quality.  I liked the private room at Kacho.  And I liked the desserts at Parkview.  I have no idea how or what is the best way to do these three restaurants for the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch offer at the Imperial Queen’s Park; in terms of which one to go first, second, or third.  On this visit, we went from low to high; Parkview to Imperial China to Kacho Japanese (level wise).  Next visit (if it happens), I would probably go from high to low; Kacho to Imperial to Parkview.  I don’t have a logical reason why, so I say you just do it however you’d like.  You can redo your favorite buffets as you will.  The cost is 2,100 baht for the memorable experience of the Bangkok’s Biggest Brunch with the free flow of wine or beer, just like mine.  Without the drinks, it is 1,600 baht.  By the way, for mothers and fathers, the hotel has a playground area to keep your kids busy while you work your way through the adventurous sampling day at the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel.      

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