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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ten Sui Premium Japanese - Sukhumvit 16, Bangkok

Ten Sui - Premium Japanese Restaurant at Sukhumvit 16, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9.5/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3/5

Ten Sui - Japanese Restuarant on BuMRes.com

Ten Sui Japanese restaurant can be considered the master of all premium Japanese restaurants in Bangkok.  The famous Ten Sui is known for its luxurious menu, high quality ingredient, one of a kind atmosphere, and the high priced dishes.  This place has only been around for about three years.  Prior to the establishment of Ten Sui there was only the Maru Kaiseki @ Thonglor Soi 3, who was solely the best of Premium Japanese restaurant.  After a chef of Ten Sui at Sukhumvit 16  had split up to open the Honmono Sushi, there were more and more Premium restaurants in Bangkok such as the Mugendai Sushi and Tempura Bar or Jo Shit Tsu Sushi.  I have driven past the Ten Sui several times but on this visit, I almost missed the small sign at the front.  Ten Sui has a very unique set up of a Japanese Garden, separated into three zones in the two stories building. .  On the second floor is all private rooms decorated elegantly like the Kaiseki in Kyoto.  Bottom floor is the Sushi bar and the seating by the garden.  I got to sit at the patio by the garden, which was very pleasant.  Lighting was also perfect for photography.  With the high class atmosphere, the service wasn’t anything to worry about; all of the servers were women and all of them were dressed in Kimono and politely serve customers with the finest manner.  Service and Atmosphere of Ten Sui is the best, I guaranteed you. 

The Ten Sui @ Sukhumvit 16 has the Lunch Set Menu available just like other Japanese restaurants.  The different was the variety to choose from.  Ten Sui has many dinner menus available as lunch set, served with soup, soft boiled omelet, fruit, and more.  The price of the lunch set starts from 400 baht to about 3,000 baht for the Kaiseki named Ten Sui Course.  Details of the menu is available in the tab menu as usual.     

I was with my brother and we ordered three sets.  First one is my choice – Chirashi-zushi (Nami) or Assorted sashimi on sushi rice (maguro tuna, salmon, yellowtail, jack mackerel, sea-bream, octopus, scallop, shrimp, ikura, and egg) for 600++ baht.  When I go to premium Japanese restaurants, I tend to order their sushi because most of the time, it is well worth it.  This Chirashi Sushi was absolutely amazing and really worth it.  Best looking and most delicious Chirashi I have had this year, I must say.  

My brother’s set was the Mini Kaiseki Course (1,200++ baht), consist of appetizer, assorted sashimi, broiled dish, simmered dish, fried dish, egg custard, and dessert.  For some of you who is not familiar with the term Kaiseki.  In Japan, it refers to a special set of food carefully prepared to greet and impress a visitor.  This kind of set usually comes with many different kinds of food in small portion (a little of everything).  I didn’t get to try it; my brother described that its presentation showed a great effort in making it.  Each one has distinctive flavors that was rather mysterious and yet delicious.  My brother was really impressed with the Kaiseki Course Set at Ten Sui @ Sukhumvit 16.

Another set was the Osusume Sushi Set (Deluxe Sushi assortment – tuna roll, toro tuna, akami tuna, salmon, sea bream, yellow tail, hirame flounder, sweet shrimp, ikura, uni sea urchin, and egg for 2,000 baht).  This set was also another set that mainly featured the sashimi.  Its price may seem scary for lunch but if we considered the context in the set and its premium quality, this set is as grande as the largest sushi set at other restaurants priced around 3,000-3,500 baht.  Everything in the Ossume (introduction) set was the best of the best, superior grade, most definitely a top chef’s preparation.  The Ten Sui didn’t roll the Sushi the traditional edo style, which would be just a bite size.  Instead they intentionally rolled it with larger cuts that overwhelmed the rice, which in turns showed the supreme freshness and quality of the fish more.  

Ten Sui @ Sukhumvit 16 offered an incredible lunching experience to me and my brother.   I feel blessed to have this supreme grade Japanese restaurant in Bangkok.  Every single aspect of Ten Sui impressed me.  For a special occasion, Ten Sui is most appropriate to impress your company.  To all sushi lovers – if you haven’t gone to Ten Sui, I suggest you plan it already.  

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