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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yokoi Udon Japanese Restaurant - Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok

Yokoi Udon, Japanese Restaurant Sukhumvit 39 Bangkok

Overall Score  9.5/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  3/5
Value   5/5

Yokoi Udon - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Yokoi Udon is a newly opened restaurant specializes in Udon (since Dec 2011).  The restaurant is located within a building in the Soi connecting Sukhumvit 39 and Sukhumvit 31.  I am not sure what building it was but you can see the map for its precise location.  Parking is conveniently available because the building is a serviced apartment.  The Yokoi Udon is operated under the management of Utaandon, an aged Japanese restaurant with two chain branches at Emporium and Isetan.  My friend told me that Utaandon initially aimed to focus on Udon but their other Japanese selections were more popular than their Udon.  So, they had to open the Yokoi Udon to sell only the Udon.  

Service at Yokoi Udon is different.  It is a cafeteria style, where you order and pay before you get the food.  To be specific, the procedure goes in order as following; choose the udon on the overhead menu, grab a tray, get your Udon, add topping that you want (fried stuffs, sushi, etc), pick your cold side and a drink, pay at the cashier, find a table, enjoy Udon, and put your plates away.  The set up reminded me of the lunch during High School or IKEA’s cafeteria.   Mainly there were eight choices of Udon; some could be served hot or cold and all of them are available in medium or large size.  Detail of the menu is available for your viewing in the tab menu.  Price of Udon at Yokoi Udon is cheap, around 100 baht.  Toppings cost about 30 baht.  Since the Yokoi Udon offer the self serve style, the food was priced much lower than Udon places that I have experienced – which is great.        

My choice was the Curry Udon, medium size for 99 baht.  For this choice, I could only have it hot.  The taste was not to be worried because Udon is what Yokoi Udon can do best and it was the only type of food available.  My curry udon was really delicious.  I also ordered the Zaru Udon for 69 baht, which was a cold one.  It was as enjoyable as the first one; tasty and authentic, just as I expected.  My mom’s choice was the Nikuoroshi Udon for 124 baht.  It was an Udon bowl with pork, which was also delicious (I had a few bites of it).  There must something secret about the Udon at Yokoi Udon.  It had a distinctive texture, spongy and soft.  Perfect for the hot broth as well as all other condiments; I was really impressed with the quality of the Udon.    

To conclude, the Yokoi Udon @ Prompong surely serves awesome Udon at cheap price.  Compared to a full service Japanese restaurant, this one is unique in its own way.  Personally I didn’t mind paying less and having to go through the ordering over the counter.  If any of you are bored of the ordinary Udon at the mainstream Japanese places, Yokoi Udon is a great place for a change.  Don’t expect much for the service or the romantic atmosphere – Yokoi Udon is best for having an easygoing lunch or a late night meal (but I don’t think they open late).   

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