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Monday, July 16, 2012

Ginzado Japanese Yakiniku - Thonglor, Bangkok

Ginzado - Japanese Yakiniku (BBQ) Restaurant at Thonglor, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9.5/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3.5/5

Ginzado Premium Yakiniku at Thonglor on BumRes.com

There are many Japanese grilling restaurant in the Thonglor neighbor.  Personally I have gone to a few of them; some are better than others.  The Ginzado that I am reviewing is one of the premium spots, located in the PannJitt building between Thonglor soi 5 and soi 7.  I drove past it and had to turn around.  So, you need to notice the small entrance gate next to the Somerset.  I was there for dinner on Sunday.  At first I was worried that the place would be busy but I was too lazy to make a reservation.  It was completely full and we had to wait about half an hour.  The Ginzado, I thought it was owned by a Thai person but I saw a Japanese guy, who seemed like the owner or the manager coming to greet the customers at the front.  I must conclude that this place is Japanese; in terms of the interior decoration, the service team that greets every customer loudly in Japanese, the manner of servers.  My first impression was very positive before I even got to eat their food.

The food at Ginzado is similar to the authentic Japanese grill that I have gone to, such as the Stamina-En @ Thonglor soi 10 and Gyumaru @ Thonglor 13.  They all have several grades of beef to choose from, pricing from 200 baht to 1000 per plate.  For other choices beside the beef, they have the squid, shrimp, and pork.  Beef menu has ramen and soup to compliment the grilled ones also.  At first I thought that the Ginzado @ Thonglor would be more pricey.  I saw photos of beef slices with a gorgeous marble.  The price is not much different, compared to other Japanese grilling restaurants around here.  Please see more details in the tab menu as usual. 

On this visit, I was with two other people and we order a lot of food including the premium quality beef (the name starts with “Jo”.  We had Karubi, Harami, Ox tongue, Pork ribs, and other grilling goodies.  Seeing the pattern is already impressive.  All of them were beautiful and appetizing looking.  A proper way to grill the beef is to flip the meat only once and not overcook the meat, about medium rare is my preference. (I have read some Japanese iron chef Anime).  As I put a slice of grilled beef into my mouth, I could taste a wonderful deliciousness from the quality meat.  Everything  was fantastic; three of us enjoyed a lot of food at Ginzado.  To eat a lot of delicious food is easy.  

One of the dishes that wasn’t for the grill was the Yukke or raw beef wth egg.  I have had this same menu at the Tamaruya Honten @ Isetan. (one of my favorite Japanese restaurant.  I actually second- thought about eating raw beef because I was concerned of getting sick.  However, I felt convinced that Japanese import beef wouldn’t cause any stomach issues.  Yukke at the Ginzado was super delicious; I loved it.  The other dish we had was the cold soba.  We wanted the Beef Ramen but the server ordered the cold soba.  We weren’t so serious about the false order.  In fact, we did enjoy the cold soba very much.  It was great to cool down after eating all the hot grilled beef; perfect final menu.   

The Ginzado @ Thonglor has 3+ years of experience, enough to impress me.  The food was amazing and the price wasn’t too expensive.  Servers were very kind.  This is definitely a new great spot to go for the Japanese Yakiniku.  I will go back there again for sure.  Now I don’t wonder why the place was so crowded that day. 

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