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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zalute Italian Restaurant - Sathorn Soi 10, Bangkok

Zalute - European Cuisine - Italian Restaurant at Sathorn soi 10, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Zalute - Italian (European) Restaurant on BuMRes.com

The Zalute is an Italian Restaurant that I found through the discounted deal on the internet.  The deal I bought for Zalute from the Groupon was an attractive one; in terms of price and food.  From seeing the regular menu, Zalute mainly serves European dishes with Italian cuisine as the prominent nationality.  Design of the place boasts European architecture with a slight influence of the Mediterranean.  The dining room is not so big, about 15-20 tables with both indoor and patio seating.  One problem about this place is that there is no parking.  I was there for lunch on Saturday and the restaurant wasn’t busy, so I got a parking spot on the street in front of the place.  In case you go for dinner when there are more people, I have no idea where you could park your car.    

Food selection is mostly European, with a great variety.  All are categorized into appetizer, soup, main course, pasta, dessert.  You can see details of all the dishes in the tab menu.  The Zalute @ Sathorn Soi 10 has already put together a separate menu for the deal by Groupon.  There were 4 choices of appetizers, six main courses, and three desserts. 

For appetizer, we chose the Warm Assorted Mushrooms and Greek Salad.  The first choice was more like a Chinese dish than European.  It was very ordinary – just a bland, oily assortment of mushrooms stir-fried.  The Greek Salad had a good presentation but the taste was close to unacceptable.  The dressing was way too sour; I felt like I was eating vinegar.  It truly was disappointing.  

The first main course was the Beouf Bourguignon or a French beef stew.  It has been my favorite menu at all the French places.  I have had this menu several times and all of the ones I had were delicious.  The Zalute @ Sathorn Soi 10 highly held its pride in presenting this menu.  It was super tender and super delicious.  The side of mashed potatoes was a bit bland; it should taste a natural sweetness from the potatoes.  The other main course was the Grilled Herbal Rack of Lamb.  Served medium Rare, its taste was not to be worried.  Herbal aroma was pleasing but the charred skin was just too burnt to eat.  At this time we were still hungry, so we added an order of the Ink-Squid Fettuccine with Assorted Seafood for 320 baht.  This was true Ink-squid pasta because its black sauce turned our whole mouth black.  I like this menu; the Zalute did a great job.  I must say that it is much better than most places I have gone to.  All the seafood in the pasta was extremely fresh and tasty, Great menu! 

Our dessert was the Pana Cotta and Tiramisu.  For the Pana Cotta, its look was typical and the taste was better than average.  I have had weird experiences with Pana Cotta recently; too sour, too bland.  The Zalute @ Sathorn did it just sweet enough; I liked it.  About the Tiramisu, it was just okay.  This quality can be found at any common bakeries.  I actually expected more from a nice European restaurant like this.  

Zalute @ Sathorn - European Cuisine with a main focus on Italian specialties, wasn’t a bad choice.  To be honest, I felt that some dishes were overpriced, considering the average quality.  Perhaps an experience at dinner time without the deal discount would be more impressive.  Regardless, their quality should be consistent, whether the customer is paying the full price or not.  In terms of service, I sensed a lack of care from the staffs but it wasn’t much of an issue.  Well – if you live around here, the Zalute could be suitable for you.  In my opinion, this place is not worth to travel across town for.  Btw, going to this place without the gift voucher or a deal discount, I suggest seeing the menu ahead of the time because regular prices are no jokes.     

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