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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Koh Lanta Pizzeria - Khaosan road, Bangkok

Koh Lanta Pizzeria - Pizza and Pasta - Khaosan Road, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  3.5/5
Service  4/5
Value   5/5

Koh Lanta Pizzeria Italian Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Lanta Pizzeria or Pizza Lanta must be a popular spot because I have seen more than ten articles about this tiny Pizza joint.  I wonder why this place is so popular that started a hot topic in the webboard.  Since not all customers are writing the review.  There must be a crap load of customers, for a restaurant to get a multitude of good reviews.  This place must be good enough to make someone want to write about.  I had always wanted to go there but Lanta’s location is so far from my house.  Until recently, I went to a temple near there with my mom – I decided to take the advantage.  

The Koh Lanta Pizzeria Wood fired oven (a big one at the front) is located near the base of the Pinklao Bridge on the Krungthep side.  I didn’t know where the restaurant was exactly when I was looking for the place.  I just kept walking passed the Bavorn Temple and several alleys until I found the sign of Koh Lanta in front of the Thread factory (Rong Mai).  As I have mentioned earlier, parking is difficult in this area.  As many of you may already know about this area, Banglampoo area is the worst for finding a parking spot.  If you want to go there, I suggest to check our map for the precise location ahead of the time and use your phone’s GPS.  Taking a taxi is easiest.  The food of Koh Lanta Pizzeria is Italian; Pizza, Salad, Soup, Pasta, etc.  Selection is minimal; please see the tab menu for more information.  The food of Lanta is cheap for an Italian restaurant.  And what made it even better is that there is no vat or service charge.    

First to serve was the Mushroom Soup (60 baht), taste and portion was standard; nothing exciting besides the price.  Second one was the Spaghetti Cabonara Seafood (120 baht).  With small selection of Pastas, I didn’t know what to order.  When I saw the plate, I was stunned by its size.  So much food for 120 baht; pasta in some Italian restaurants cost about 300 baht with the size about one third of Lanta’s pasta.  But, too bad – the taste didn’t keep up with the great price and the large quantity.   This cabonara was too bland – not cheesy like how it is supposed to be (not enough cheese or egg yolk, I guess).  And, the squid and shrimp in there weren’t so fresh.      

Third dish was the baked spinach with cheese (160 baht, what a deal!).  Its appearance was extremely appetizing and the taste was boring again.  Usually baked spinach with cheese is hard to go wrong.  Well – after three dishes, none of them impressed me.   Last dish was the Pizza Carpricciosa (260 baht) which was highlight of this meal.  This pizza just came straight from the giant wood fired oven.  The hot cheese and perfectly crispy crust (a little soft inside) made this Pizza so spectacular.  

To conclude, going to the Koh Lanta Pizzeria @ near Khaosan road – you must order their pizza and forget about all the other dishes.  Nonetheless, their pizza is not the best.  A place that has really delicious pizza is the Bacco in Sukhumvit area, but with a whole different price range.  Considering the price, the portion, and the service; the Lanta Pizzeria is actually a pretty good spot to eat an earthy Italian.  If you don’t live too far from the place, I suggest you check it out and come back to share your experience with me.      

I would like to share the message by the Koh Lanta Pizza.  The homemade style of Koh Lanta Pizza is charming with the adaptation to please Thai people, especially how the pizza is baked in the wood fired oven with the smokeless charcoal at most appropriate temperature.  When served hot to the table, pizza is soft with savory cheese aroma and the distinctive delicious taste in which only found at Koh Lanta Pizza.  

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