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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sor Bor Lor Chinese Restaurant - Burapha Palace, Bangkok

ส. บ. ล. or S. B. L. (Sor Bor Lor - Som Boon Larp Chinese Restaurant) - Wang Burapha

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance 4/5
Service  3/5
Value   3/5

Sor Bor Lor Chinese at Wang Burapha on BumRes.com

Som Boon Larp is the long existed Chinese restaurant in the Burapha area.  Also known as Sor Bor Lor, a short name using only initials – S. B. L.  With over fifty years of experience, Somboon Larp is famed for its authenticity of Chinese culinary art.  My grandmother brought the family to eat there a few times, I was still a child.  Last time I went there was about five years ago, I still remember that it was really delicious.  Until recently, CNNGO rewarded the Sor Bor Lor as the best Chinese restaurant of Bangok, which made me want to go there all of a sudden.  So, I chose to go there during the Songkran Holiday, when people in Bangkok were out of town.  

Sor Bor Lor is a huge restaurant with luxurious decoration.  What I don’t like about this place is the service.  They just don’t care for customers; it feels like they just want to get it over with one table at a time.  And how they are dressed in school uniform is strange.  This is a nice and classy restaurant – could they provide some kind of distinctive uniform for their servers.  Another thing I don’t like about this place is the loud kitchen.  I know how Chinese restaurants are; so typical to hear yelling noises from kitchen of Chinese restaurants.  Sor Bor Lor should have a soundproof kitchen or something, so customers won’t get annoyed. 

Let’s talk about the food.  Selection of Sor Bor Lor is lesser than anyone would expect for a Chinese restaurant.  Still, there are plenty – about 100 items.  Average price is comparable to other places.  If you didn’t order way too much food, it should cost around 500 – 700 baht per person.  

First one was the Stir-fried fish intestine for 200 baht.  When I had my first bite, I was so disappointed, because it was premade.  They should have heated in up a bit prior to serving.  Taste was plain boring.  Second was the Moo Hun (1,200 baht), Pig’s crispy skin.  I haven’t had this menu for a while, so I really enjoyed it.  The skin was perfectly crispy and tasty – I give them five star for this menu, unlike the first one.  Third one was the Sai On Palo or braised pig’s entrails (150 baht).  It was the best entrails could ever get.  I have had similar menu with stinky smell.  This menu was delicious.  I think some of you who don’t eat insides could start to like it because of this dish.  

Fourth menu was the Fried Rice with Taro.  The look was fantastic and the taste was better than it appeared.  Chinese restaurants are the best at making fried rice.  Especially for an aged place like Sor Bor Lor, it is impossible for the fried rice to go wrong.  Fifth dish was the Hae Jor or ground shrimp in tofu skin, deep fried – it was 65 baht per piece, so expensive – I thought.  Once tried , I could feel the shrimp meat in the whole thing, it was done right with good ingredient – delicious but not that exciting. 

Next one was the Goose’s leg with Egg noodles, which was plain simple, like the typical one found at most Chinese restaurant.  For 600 baht, it didn’t impress me.  I must say that the Chinese restaurant near my house can do it better.  We had two more dishes, which were made of the pork meat that we already had its crispy skin for the Moo Hun.  One was done in the garlic stir-fry and the rest was put in the Lard na (fat noodles with brown gravy).  I was so surprised about the last two; they were greatly done.  The cooking cost 100 baht per menu.  

Our bill totaled to about 3,000 baht.  We were so stuffed with all the delicious food.  I was impressed with the overall quality of ingredient, preparation.  Sor Bor Lor is well deserved to get the CNNGO award.  But, the restaurant really needs to improve on two things I mentioned earlier; the service and the loudmouth chefs.  If you live near there, I can’t miss this gourmet Chinese joint – Som Boon Larp @ Burapha Palace.    

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