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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boqueria Mediterranean Buffet - All Season Places on Wireless road, Bangkok

Boqueria Mediterranean Restaurant All Season Places, Wireless Rd., Bangkok 

Overall Score  6/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4/5

Boqueria Mediterranean Buffet on BumRes.com

The Boqueria is one of the restaurants under the management of Pomodoro Groups, serving appetizing Italian dishes at ten locations all over Bangkok.  The review is on the Mediterranean Buffet created by the Boquria.  I am not sure how long this buffet offer will last.  When I was there, the place was completely full.  If we didn’t consider the Buffet, the Boqueria is known to serve quality Italian and European Cuisine.  Please see the a la carte menu in the tab menu as usual.  

Interior design of the Boqueria is simply modern with an elegance touch, which created a clean and spacious setting.  Customer service staffs were friendly and took good care of our table.  In terms of the food selection, Buffet of the Boqueria offer a nice variety but small compared to general buffet offered in upscale hotels.  I can’t complain since the price of this buffet is much lower than in the five star hotels.  Please see details of the food in the photos.          

Overall, Boqueria’s food offering was unexciting.  In fact one of the soups was just not delicious.  There was one specialty that stood out of the whole; it was the spicy fish chunk on scallops.  It was finger licking good.  Each of us must have had about ten pieces.  In the promotion, we could choose to add a pasta or a main in addition to the line buffet.  For 350++ baht, my friend ordered the Angel Hair with Parma Ham, which had a boring taste.  And for 430++, I added a choice of main – the Red Snapper fillet with butter lemon Italian parsley, which was also plain simple.  For just the buffet, it is 320++ baht – quite an economy buffet.   

My experience of the Mediterranean Buffet at Boqueria was satisfying for the diversity of food.  But don’t expect much deliciousness from the food, everything tasted bland, if not boring – except for the spicy scallops.  Well – the value of this buffet is attractive but be sure to understand that you get what you pay.  This buffet is nothing like the fancy hotel buffets.   

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