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Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Great Shanghai Chinese Restaurant - Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok

New Great Shanghai Chinese Restaurant -Sukhumvit 24 - Near Emporium, Bangkok - Best Beijing Duck 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   4/5

Great Shanghai Restaurant Chinese Restaurant on Bumres.com

If I were to ask people in Bangkok where to get the best Beijing or Pekking Duck.  I agree that majority of the answers that you will get is the New Great Shanghai at Sukhumvit 24.  I was definitely one of those person that would answer as so.  And my answer will not change after going there recently.  The New Great Shanghai is an aged Chinese restaurant that has been around for several decades.  My first time at this Chinese place, I was a teenager.  And now, I am almost thirty – I still like the Beijing duck there.  My family liked to go there on regular basis but after my grandmother died, we haven’t gone there for about three years.  I heard that the New Great Shanghai was voted to have the Best Bei-Jing Duck in Bangkok by CNNGO.  I could not agree more with the reward.  Target customer of this Chinese place is the big families.  All tables inside is a big round table for ten people.  On this visit, we went there Sunday night and the place was packed just like how I remember a few years ago.  I must say that the Bei-Jing Duck at New Great Shanghai is Legendary.  

The New Great Shanghai mainly serves Shanghai style Chinese food but in my feeling the food here is just like any other Tae Jeaw style Chinese restaurants in Thailand (Tae Jeaw is a southern region of China where Chinese descents in Thailand are from).  Please look for more details of the food in the tab menu as usual.  In the past, my family always ordered the same dishes every time.  Our usual picks were the Sizzling oysters pan, Shanghai noodles, Stir-fried fish intestines, Crispy shrimp bread, and Drunken chicken.  All of these dishes were always delicious.  The goodness is comparable to Gourmet Chinese restaurants in Yaowarat area.  And don’t ever worry about the serving portion – worry about too much food instead, if you are new to this Chinese joint.  

On this visit we ordered less than every time.  First was the Sizzling oysters pan.   Second was the Bei-Jing duck, the must have menu.  The third one was the Goy Si Mee but New Great Shanghai used a different type of noodles.  The alteration didn’t make this menu any less enjoyable.   Then the last one was the Lion Head or the Giant pork meat balls with steamed vegetables.  I really liked this one; the meat ball was huge and the veggies matched well together.  The only disappointment of this dinner was the size of my stomach, not big enough to hold all the food.  We had to pack the meatballs home, along with the duck soup and stir-fried duck with garlic.  

The bill totaled to 2,525 baht.  The New Great Shanghai impressed my family and I once more.  Bei-Jing Duck Legend remains strong with no less great reputation.  I wasn’t surprised to see the place completely packed that night.  If you are a duck lover, be sure to add this place to your dine out list.  And for ones who don’t know the Bei-Jing Duck, have it at the New Great Shanghai and I bet your standard of Bei-Jing duck will never be matched by any other Chinese restaurants in Bangkok. 

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