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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stamina-En Yakiniku Japanese restaurant - Thonglor 10, Bangkok

Stamina - En Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant, Thonglor, Bangkok

Overall Score  9.5/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3/5

Stamina-En Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Stamina En, a new Japanese restaurant specializes in authentic grill goodies/Yakiniku (opened around July of 2011) – located at the Opus tower at the corner of Thonglor soi 10.  By this time, Thonglor has more Japanese restaurant than any other types.  Thai restaurant has become a rare choice in the Thonglor area – Do you agree?  I got to the Stamina En a little after 5pm, when the restaurant just opened for dinner.  There was no one inside at all (many people are affected by the great flood, so the city is very quiet now).  The Stamina En appeared to be a very classy Yakiniku shop from outside.  With the tall glass window and the orderly arrangement of table, Stamina En expresses a modern atmosphere.  As well as glossy red ventilation fan hanging low and close to grill boasted a modern look.  Entering the restaurant, I felt so welcomed with the loud greeting of the staffs.  My appetite was so ready by that time.  Let’s  start grilling. 

Available food of the Stamina En is mainly raw quality beef for grilling.  I think the menu is still very limited and I was surprised to see the coming soon and out of order marks in to menu.  Well – with what they had to choose, we wouldn’t be able to try everything anyways.  First to serve was the ox tongue.  It was once my favorite menu but recently I felt that ox tongue at every place taste the same so I actually didn’t want to order it at first.  For some reason, I decided to order it.  Stamin En served the ox tongue a bit different; there was a lime chopped in half with it.  The lime was a nice touch off the grill; tasted delicious.  Second dish was the highlight of this meal.  It was the Champion beef.  I read about this choice on the internet.  To meet the real thing in person was eye widening; marble on this meat was beautiful.  Too bad the portion was so small, lol… complaining about the portion again.  I noticed that I tend to complain on the portion with the delicious menu.  Once I tried the Champion meat of the Stamina En, I was so amazed.  It melted in my mouth.  If its price was less than 580 baht per plate, I would order another one.  

The rest of the food we ordered were quite good; the sirloin, the entrails, the pork set.  Best of all was the rice.  Stamina En served Top notch Jasmine rice of Thailand, steamed to perfect texture.  Crisp look and soft – deserved to charge 50 baht per small bowl.

To conclude, the Stamina En at Thonglor 10 was impressive in all aspects; the food, the atmosphere, and the service.  The only problem I had was the price – what can I say? We are in Thonglor, where all rich folks reside.  All the beef of Stamina En is imported from Japan, carefully selected to please the meat lovers in Thailand.  What you find at Stamina En is not like the buffet.  If you like any average Japanese buffet, you will go crazy with the beef here – it’s that much better.  I went to a Yakiniku buffet of Godzilla at 899 baht per head and their meat isn’t comparable to this Champion beef a la carte at Stamina En at all.  Here – they serve quality not quantity.  You won’t get too full but you sure will be satisfied, I promise.  

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