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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nagiya Japanese Restaurant - Thonglor 13, Bangkok

Nagiya Japanese Restaurant Nihonmura Thonglor Izakaya

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  3/5
Service  4/5
Value   3/5

Nihonmura Izakaya Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The Nagiya is the Izakaya style Japanese restaurant.  Izakaya in Japan is like a small pub for working crowd to hang out after work.  Nagiya has been around in Thailand for several years.  First location was at Nihonmachi in the Sukhumvit 26 (wonder if that one is still around).  And the second location is this one, I am reviewing now.  Atmosphere is very much like an Izakaya in Japan; decorated with wooden contexts, had menu signs on the wall everywhere, staffs yelling welcome and thank you aloud, ground seating available - Looks like the only different is the no smoking inside.  I have gone to a few Izakaya style restaurants in Bangkok but I have never seen anyone bring their children to one.  This visit; 50% was Japanese family with children, 30% was average Japanese, and lastly 20% Thai people as the minority at the Nagiya Izakaya – Thonglor 13.  I would fall into the last category, lol…  

Nagiya mainly serves snacks and alcohol (beer and sake).  One signature menu of the Nagiya is the Na-bae, which is the hot pot, renowned among Japanese population in Thailand.  Its price is quite expensive (600 baht - for two) comparing to the yakitori for 30 baht and other side dishes for 70 or 80 baht.  The Na-bae is highlight and it must be the money maker of the Nagiya.  I wonder if the Nagiya @ Nihonmura is doing the same.  Is it the Japanese Scallion presentation that made it expensive because the server had to help us submerge the volcano of scallion into the pot?  

Overall, I liked almost every dishes that Nagiya had to offer, from yakitori to salad to sushi.  I thought that the restaurant should have the yakitori in a set, ordering by skewers is kind of expensive.  We ordered 10 skewers and I must have had about half of that.  My most favorite choice to go with my beer was the braised pork with grilled egg (runny yolk) - a very unique menu, like a cross cultural between Chinese and Japanese cuisine.  About the overrated Hot Pot – it didn’t get me that excited.  I enjoyed the yakitori more.    

Total damage of this meal at Nagiya Izakaya @ Thonglor 13 was pricey, about 900 baht per person including the beer.  We had about two beers each but all of us were so full.  Our experience concentrated on the food more than the drink.  For any of you who look for a real authentic Japanese meal; food and atmosphere – I suggest this spot for you, Nagiya at Thonglor 13. 

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