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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shintaro Japanese Restaurant - Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok

Shintaro - Japanese Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok 

Overall Score  7/10
Taste   3/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

Shintaro - Japanese Restaurant on BumRes.com

The set lunch at Shintaro @ Four Seasons, Bangkok attracted me to fulfill my review of restaurants at Four Seasons Bangkok.  At budget price (cheaper than the pricey dinner), I could not resist getting a taste of Japan within a five star hotel.  Besides the Spice Market, other restaurants at Four Seasons offer a lunch set.  

The Shintaro @ Four Seasons is similar to luxurious hotel restaurants in terms of the size – being a mid size that can hold an average of 30 to 50 people.  Decorated with the merge of contemporary Japanese design, atmosphere of Shintaro expresses a classic sense of elegance.  Bar seating and regular seating are for you to choose, both surround a cold kitchen in the center of the restaurant.  Availability of the food is much like most luxurious hotel restaurants, not too many selections; about 40 – 50 items.  More details of the menu can be found in the tab menu as usual.  

My simple yet sophisticated lunch at Shintaro of Four Seasons happened with my mother.  We didn’t order too much.  First choice was the Sashimi set for 690 baht; included adequate amount of sashimi, served with a side of rice, miso soup, and preserved veggies (the sides come with every lunch set).  Quality of the fish was just less than premium grade – I thought.  I expected more since I have heard much great things about Sushi of Shintaro.  Could it be that quality of lunch special is lower? Don’t get me wrong though, the sashimi was truly enjoyable – but, just couldn’t compare with other premium choices like Mugendai at Thonglor for example.  The other set was my mother’s choice, Grilled Saba with shoyu.  This menu was amazingly delicious.  We order the right menu.  My mom and I agreed that it was well above average.            

We also ordered one other set, which was the Luncheon Specials for 790 baht, consisted of the Anago Oshisushi or a cubical shaped sushi.  Unagi blocks were ordinary.  More in the set was the Kakiage Ankake Soba, which was a hot Soba with thick sauce.  It was a first time experience with this type of Soba.  Shintaro @ Four Seasons did a great job with this dish.  Weird but really delicious – I liked how the soba noodles became glazed coming out of the thick broth in the bowl.  The slightly sweet flavor was best matched with the soba.  Included in the set was a dessert, own pick ice-cream.  One huge scoop with a sprinkle of crushed almond at the bottom.  Yummy ice-cream, it must be homemade.  

To conclude, my Japanese lunch at the Shintaro could be more impressive – in my opinion.  I was most impressed with the atmosphere; very classy but so simple and comfortable at the same time.  The superior customer service was not to be blamed at all.  Staffs were attentive with a proper spacing of privacy.  I must say that Japanese restaurants in hotel can’t compete with the premium grade standalone Japanese restaurants.  Do you agree? However, I can clearly say that the Shintaro of Four Seasons offered to me one of the best out of all the Japanese restaurants in a hotel.  Please share your thoughts!    

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