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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

China Palace Chinese Restaurant - Si Phraya, Bangkok

China Palace - Chinese Restaurant 4 Phraya, Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3/5
Value   5/5

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China Palace is quite an aged Chinese restaurant located on the Si Phraya road of the city of Bangkok.  It all started with a TV show I saw; I urged to take my family there.  So this past Sunday, off we went.  When we got there, the parking lot was almost full.  Lucky the place had the valet service, so we all went straight into the restaurant.  Inside was no different than the parking lot – completely packed with hungry people.  We had to wait about ten minutes for the table.  Our table was actually for three but there were four of us, but we didn’t bother to squeeze in and get busy with ordering the food.    

As shown in the menu, food selection at China Palace comprised of premium gourmet Chinese dishes.  Small serving dishes were priced around 500-1500 baht.  Some large dishes cost over 1,000 baht and others were several thousands.  We didn’t want to be all that extravagance, so we ordered only a few dishes.  

Mid sized Lard Na with fish in beancurd sauce (300 baht) – amazing choice, I must say.  I highly recommend this menu.  Honestly, I have never had this menu so supremely delicious like this one in forever.  

Pricey menu, Pekking duck (950 baht) – all of us really enjoyed this menu; perfectly crispy duck skin and large soft flour sheets.  I wrapped myself an oversized one and I was good to go.  

Duck stir-fried with black pepper sauce.  We use the meat from the Pekking duck (use only skin) to prepare this menu for 100 baht.  Good dish but nothing that exciting. 

The rest of the food that we ordered was mostly Dim Sum; about 12 baskets (each cost 50 – 80 baht).  I recommend the Kuay Teaw Lord with red barbeque pork stuffing, Kani stuffing, shrimp stuffing – all three choices were served warm and they were as tasty as they could be.  Dim Sum menu was average quality; fairly impressive.  

The bill for a party of four was 2,646 baht.  At first we didn’t think we would be full with the amount of food we had.  In fact, we were all so full that we had to pack some of the duck and the Lard na noodles to take home.  Chinese food at China Palace was heavenly good; I was really fond of it.  I can only suggest that they should improve the preparation time; Dim Sum took too long.  Pekking duck took about half an hour.  Well, how could I be frustrating when the food was so delicious; everything was worth the wait.  Try coming on a different day as me.  Sunday at noon is too crowded.  One comment on the tea, it cost 140+ baht – too expensive, don’t you think?  On this visit, we didn’t order any superior gourmet dishes at all and the food was still really good.  Hopefully next time I get a taste of the high priced menu to see what’s so great about it.  If you have tried, please share your experience with me.  If not, I suggest you check it out – China Palace, gourmet Chinese food at Si Phraya road, Bangkok

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