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Monday, July 2, 2012

China Place - Chinese Restaurant - RAMA VI Rd., Bangkok

China Place (Chinese Restaurant Rama VI Rd., Bangkok)

Overall Score  8.5/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3.5/5

China Place - Chinese Restaurant on BumRes.com

Does China Place have anything to do with the China Palace at Sri Phaya? Their names are almost the same.  The China Place is located near the Vichaiyut Hospital at Soi Sethsiri on RAMA VI.  The restaurant's parking lot can hold about 20 cars.  I was their on Thursday at dinner time, there were still plenty of parking spaces.  But, when I drove by there on Sunday at lunch time - the parking was more than full.  China Place is resided within a residential structure.  Entering the restaurant felt like a foyer of a luxurious home.  Decorated with extravagance Chinese elements, China Place's atmosphere was superior.  On my visit, the host took me to a room with five tables.  There was already one party sitting in the same room.  

The food selection of China Place is similar to typical gourmet Chinese restaurant.  Dim Sum is available only at lunch time, priced around 70-80 baht per basket.  And majority of dishes cost around 200-400 baht.  I was there with my mom, we ordered four dishes.  First one was the Drunken Chicken (300 baht), a slow-cooked whole chicken with alcohol soy sauce. Within about five minutes, this menu came out.  The restaurant must already have had it prepared - ready to serve.  It was amazing - super delicious; soft and tender, lots of whiskey sauce to soak the chicken.  Small pieces tasted better because the sauce didn't get absorbed in as much in the larger pieces of chicken.  Second menu came shortly, Omelet with eggplants (250 baht).  I have never had this menu anywhere.  This was the first time.  Imagine the popular oyster omelet in sizzling hot pan - this is the eggplant version of it but a bit drier.  In fact the contexts were more than just eggplant, there were also mushroom and shrimp.  Everything was in harmony; delicious altogether. 

Third menu was a noodle with XO sauce (250 baht), acceptably delicious.  Noodles had interesting texture - I dipped it in the sour soy sauce and it was great in its own way.  If there were more meat added, it would be perfect.  This last dish was an extra order, since three menu wasn't fulfilling.  It was the stir-fried fish intestine (300 baht).  A nice refreshing contrast was to wrap it in the lettuce.  The portion was worth more than 300 baht.  

Our bill totaled to 1,165 baht, no vat or service charge.  Bottled water was 20 baht, more reasonably priced.  I really enjoyed my dinner at the China Place but for some reason I think I like the China Palace @ Sri Phaya more.  How could a residential place beat the palace, right? lol...  looks like the China Place is more expensive.  Good food and good service - I highly recommend this fine Chinese eatery to all of you.  China Place @ RAMA VI

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