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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

EST. 33 by Singha @ CDC, Bangkok

EST.33 by Singha @ CDC, Bangkok Microbrewery & Bar  

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   4/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  4/5
Value   4/5

EST.33 Pub and Restaurant on BumRes.com

After getting so full from the Bar Italia, Est. 33 was our next destination.  This stop is mainly for sitting down to enjoy a beer, established by Singha Corporation.  Its name came from the background of the Boonrod Brewery, as it was started in the year 1933.  There are both outdoor seating as well as indoor.  Inside bar seating is wrapping around the beer tank (Micro brewery).  I didn’t a photo of the tanks.  We were sitting outside because my friends could enjoy their cigarettes with the cold beer.   

As being a restaurant by Singha, the concentration must be the beer.  There are three types of signature beers, which are Lager, Copper, and Black.  All of them were named after the beer respectively; golden yellow, dark orange, and black.  In terms of snacking to have on side, Est.33 has a handful for you to choose from; mostly European specialties.  Since we were already full from the food at the Bar Italia, we only ordered the crispy fried chicken wings.  For 180 baht we got 8 pieces.  I must say that it was no good.  The sauce that came with was meaningless.  I have no idea how they could serve a dish like this.  It’s not cheap, almost 200 baht.  This menu was disappointing.  However, the beers were great – all three of them, I have tried all of them.  For the price of 160+ (0.5 liter), it is a great deal to sit back, relax, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of CDC crowd.  My other friend who was a girl had a Lychee blended cocktail.  She seemed to enjoy it.

All in all, we had four beers that we greatly enjoyable and one mistaken appetizer.  Total price was 825 baht – quite reasonable for a relaxing atmosphere and a tasty beer.  I have to come back and try other choices of their food - definitely not going to order the chicken wings again.      

Update: I just went to the Est.33 again in August of 2010.  This time we sat at the bar observing the hardworking bartenders.  It was a Friday; from 7-11pm, I didn’t see the bartender stopped and rest at all. On that day I had the Copper, which is the most favorite choice of my friends and I.  We also ordered some food. 

First one was the Fried Onion rings for 150 baht.  Est. 33 had a cool name for it but I can’t remember.  I loved it with the beer. 

The other choice was my friend’s dinner, the Wagyu Burger for 290 baht.  He was a burger lover and he commented that the patter was delicious but the size was too small.  It came with a couple of onion rings to sit right beside the beef patty inside the burger.  Fries that came with were also warm as crispy. 

So, Est. 33 actually had some good food besides the good beer.  If you have tried other dishes at Est. 33 by Singha, please share your experience with me.  

Update : I went there again with a couple of friends and this time I prepared my stomach to taste the food of Est. 33 by Singha.  We ordered a few dishes; Larb Salmon, Spaghetti Cabonara, Meatballs, Onion rings, Fries, Pork ribs.  All of them were enjoyable, but only dish that stood out was the Larb Salmon, which was a combination of western ingredient in the Thai look.  The taste was unique and delicious - I liked it.  I want to recommend something fun drink we had tried this visit - Uber Bomb, which was a glass of lager beer with a shot of Irish whiskey Jameson.  Dropped the bomb and off I was - the buzz hit me nicely.  Well - I would say that Singha did a great job with their brewery and the food.  

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