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Monday, July 2, 2012

Yuu Japanese Restaurant - J Avenue Thonglor, Bangkok

Yuu Japanese Restaurant - at J-Avenue, Thonglor - Bangkok 

Overall Score  9/10
Taste   4.5/5
Ambiance  4.5/5
Service  4.5/5
Value   3/5

Yuu Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant on BumRes.com

First time I heard about the Yuu Japanese Yakiniku was over the radio a few years ago.  The name was stuck in my head but I never had the chance to go.  I was always going to Tohkai at Esplanade, my most favorite Yakiniku – for its quality and price.  Today my girlfriend’s friends were planning a dinner at the Yuu at J Avenue.  I took the chance to jam with group.  I believe Yuu has many branches and the Thonglor location is the original one.  I was part of a party of nine; we had three grills for cooking comfortably.  The tea was free and constant refilling kept us refreshing – be careful not to get too filled with the drinks.  Service team was so active; changing the grills every 15 minutes and clearing out the table.  Servers of the Yuu were incredibly.  

Yuu serves Yakiniku a la carte style only – no buffet.  We ordered so much food; I couldn’t remember all of them.  When I viewed the photos, I had no idea which was which.  Basically we ordered beef and pork; each serving ranged between 150 – 200 baht.  We didn’t order anything fancy.  Please see the photos of Yuu’s quality meat.  Yuu also features Godsend Rib eye matsusaka for 2,500++ and Kobe beef for 990++ baht.  Who wouldn’t want to try it? The price is no joke like this, looks like I have to wait for my stocks to rise a bit more.  For the same price, the beef of Yuu is good quality but not as good as Tohkai’s.  In case you want top notch beef, Yuu has more for you to choose.  Since I didn’t get to try premium cuts, my impression wasn’t on the beef – I was so fond of the Korean Salad of 3 types (Pak Yum Korea) for 90 baht.  Its deliciousness was unexplainable; super yummy.  

In the end, this meal at Yuu Japanese Yakiniku cost 800 baht per person.  Too expensive for how much food I had; not as stuffed as I would be at a Yakiniku buffet.  I have no idea how many servings we had but each of them cost between 150 – 200 baht mostly.  My overall experience at the Yuu was definitely enjoyable.  I was most impressed with the customer service.  I am sure many of you may have gone to this place.  If you have had the premium cuts of Yuu, please kindly share your experience with me.  

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