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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Le Danang Vietnamese Buffet - Sofitel Centara Grand Ladprao, Bangkok

Le Danang Vietnamese Restaurant - Sofitel Centara Grand Ladprao, Bangkok 

Overall Score  8/10
Taste   3.5/5
Ambiance  4/5
Service  3.5/5
Value   4.5/5

Le Danang - Vietnamese Cuisine on BuMRes.com

If I were to look for a Vietnamese restaurant in hotels of Thailand, the only place I can think of is the Le Danang @ Sofitel Centara Grand.  Interior design of this restaurant expresses a French appeal; decorated in black and white with the grand piano in the middle of the restaurant.  With the imposing cocktail bar constructed of black wood finish, the Le Danang further boasts a luxurious atmosphere like a French restaurant.  Since I have never gone to any luxurious Vietnamese restaurant, I can’t really tell you if the overall concept of a fine Vietnamese restaurant should be like.  T. House is the only place I could think of, but the decoration there is quite simple and straight forward.  About the customer service of this restaurant- besides the server that missed our order, everything else met the hotel restaurant standard.  This is a buffet, so I ordered over ten items and the server didn’t note on anything, so I wasn’t surprised that she missed my order.  

The price of Vietnamese buffet at Le Danang was 499++ baht, not included drinks.  The restaurant has a lot of selection; I could take the menu and split into two Vietnamese restaurants.  Taste of the food at Le Danang was average leaning toward better than average.  I didn’t feel special with any menu in particular.  I think homemade Vietnamese restaurants in town can do better in terms of taste.  But, for the presentation – the Le Danang definitely wins them all.  My most favorite menu is the Beef wrapped in green leaves.  I have only seen this menu with pork before.   Next best menu was the Nam Nuang or grilled pork with condiments and fresh vegetables.  This menu was distinctively Vietnamese and great to serve in big chunks.  I had a bunch of other food; all of them were plainly enjoyable.  Please see more details in the menu tab as well as the photos and captions.  Lighting wasn’t best for photography so my photos didn’t turn out so great.    

Total damage of this meal was actually 700 baht per person included Vat and service charge.  Plus we had to pay for our drinks; bottled water is 45 baht.  Le Danang Vietnamese Buffet @ Sofitel Centara Grand is best for big eaters.  But, if you want to enjoy delicious Vietnamese food and you don’t care for the luxury so much, I would suggest going a Vietnamese restaurant run by native Vietnamese in your neighborhood.  Well – this is a great restaurant for taking your foreign guests to.   

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